Visiting Professor Program

Program Overview

Visiting Professor ProgramThe Visiting Professor Program supports the travel of one to two international experts who are MDS members to an underserved area for the purposes of education and intellectual exchange.

During the visit, invited experts conduct teaching seminars in local hospitals or institutions, participate in grand rounds and/or provide input for the further development of movement disorders in the host country.

Visits may consist of one of these activities or a combination of all three and an honorarium is provided. 


Visiting Professor Program Criteria, Roles & Responsibilities, and Application
Program Eligibility Criteria

This program is intended to provide an excellent educational opportunity in Movement Disorders to regions of the world not adequately served by resources within that region. In order to be eligible for the MDS Visiting Professor Program, the applicant country must be considered to be disadvantaged based on the need for Movement Disorders education, perceived lack of opportunity for continuing education in Movement Disorders, and economic factors.

For a list of countries that are considered underserved, please visit the MDS Waived Dues Membership section and view the List of Waived Dues Eligible Countries. The Visiting Professor Program applicant is to describe the country's need for the speaker. A statement regarding the economic and educational needs, and the manner in which these needs will be met by means of the Visiting Professorship, is requested on the program application.

When more than one faculty is sponsored, not more than one half of sponsored faculty may come from beyond the region in which the event takes place (e.g., if two faculty are sponsored by MDS, only one may come from outside the region). MDS Regional Sections are: the Asian and Oceanian Section (AOS); the European Section (ES), and the Pan American Section (PAS). For a list of which countries are included in each MDS Regional Section, please visit the MDS Outreach Education webpage. For the purposes of education, members residing in Sub-Saharan Africa may consider their region to include the ES.

Faculty must represent different institutions. In an effort to maintain academic diversity in MDS educational programming, it is preferred that no academic or financial relationship exist between the suggested faculty and the host institution. However, it is understood that some exceptions may apply. Applications will initially be considered by the Education Committee of the appropriate MDS Regional Section.

U.S. State Department Travel Warnings

Unfortunately, we are unable to host educational activities in countries for which there is a U.S. Travel Warning. An updated list of U.S. Travel Warnings may be found on the U.S. State Department Travel website.

MDS Support

The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society accepts no responsibility for any debt incurred by the planning and implementation of the Visiting Professorship, and bears no liability for any event.

Travel Costs

MDS will support the cost of business class airfare for faculty to and from the host country if these flights equal or exceed six hours. If the flights are under six hours, faculty will receive economy class flights. MDS payment of airfare costs will be made directly to the faculty upon completion of the course. If an MDS-designated travel agent is used, payment will be made directly to that agent.


MDS will recognize the efforts of the Visiting Professor(s) with an honorarium of $1,000 USD per day each, for up to three days of teaching.

Host Support

Lodging, daily meals and transportation of the Visiting Professor(s) while in the host country should be provided and funded by the host organization.


The educational program is to take place in a hospital or academic institution where audio-visual support is provided and auditorium rental fees are not charged. If adequate meeting space can not be secured, the host will need to notify the MDS Education Committee via the International Secretariat ( After consulting with the committee, minimal industry funding may be sought, if deemed necessary.

Industry Support

If adequate meeting space cannot be secured and/or financial assistance is needed to off-set lodging and food costs for participants, minimal industry support may be sought with the consent of MDS via the International Secretariat ( Names of the funding groups, as well as the dollar amounts of support are to be provided at least one month prior to the Visiting Professorship.

To protect the scientific integrity of the program and to prevent the perception of industry bias, the following guidelines for pursuing support are to be followed:

  • No profit is to be generated from the Visiting Professor Program
  • Industry support must come in the form of unrestricted educational grants
  • If funding is obtained from a commercial sponsor, a copy of the signed Letter of Agreement (LOA) is to be provided to MDS. The LOA is to indicate that funding is provided in the form of an "unrestricted educational grant"
Registration Fees

The registration fees should be only those normally associated with the event. No additional fees should be applied to attend Visiting Professor Program presentations.

Profit from the Program

In the unanticipated event that a profit is generated from the Visiting Professor Program, the money will be utilized to cover the costs of MDS Memberships for hospital and academic institution Department Heads. These memberships will be full MDS memberships, with an accompanying subscription to the MDS Movement Disorders journal. Any residual money is to be used toward Waived Dues memberships for the remaining participants.

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