Looking for patients with chorea-acanthocytosis or McLeod syndrome

We are planning a patient/caregiver meeting in the US in 2016 for people affected by CHOREA-ACANTHOCYTOSIS or MCLEOD SYDROME. If you have a patient with either of these neuroacanthocytosis syndromes who might be interested in attending, please ask them to email Ginger Irvine at the Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis Patients. As these are such rare conditions we want to reach all who are affected in order to determine if there is interest. Any other questions, please email

Movement Disorder Research Grant Offered by the Jacques and Gloria Gossweiler Foundation

Application deadline: September 30, 2015

A grant will be offered as an individual fellowship to support an outstanding postdoctoral scientist or clinician running a research program in an internationally acknowledged institution working in the field of non-pharmaceutical treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders.

Initially the fellowship will be granted for a 2-year period, with a possible extension of the period to a maximum of 4 years. The grant includes the salary for the fellow at a postdoctoral level as well as equipment, if needed.

Neurology Scientific Advisory Board to the JGGF: Prof. Dr. med.Giovanni Abbruzzese,  Genova, Italy;  Dr. Ralf Reilmann, M.D. PhD, Münster, Germany; Prof Dr. med. Jean-Marc Burgunder, Bern, Switzerland.

Further details may be found on this website.

Huntington Disease Clinical Research Symposium is October 24, 2015 in Tampa, Florida, USA

Call for Abstracts

Deadline for Receipt of Abstracts: July 13, 2015
Late Breaking Research Deadline: August 17, 2015

The Huntington Study Group (HSG) is organizing the Ninth Annual Huntington Disease Clinical Research Symposium (HDCRS) on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida. In recognition of the focus on patient-oriented research, the HSG convened the first annual Clinical Research Symposium in 2007 to present valuable research and information to both clinicians and HD patients and family members. The Symposium Committee will review and accept a limited number of abstracts for either platform or poster presentations. Eligible abstracts may include data that have been presented previously, but please ensure they will still be of public, as well as scientific, interest.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the journal Neurotherapeutics, and the primary presenting author will receive a night of lodging at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. Additional information and the Abstract Form available online at or contact Liz McCarthy, HSG Director, Programs & Communications, via e-mail:

Greenville Neuromodulation Center (GNC) Announces Expanded IONM Course

GNC Medical Director Dr. Erwin B. Montgomery Jr. will present Intensive Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) for DBS May 11-19, 2015. The three-module course offers introductory to sophisticated understanding of IONM and hands-on training with advanced automated technology.

Neurosurgeons, neurologists, neurophysiologists and industry professionals new to DBS or interested in honing their expertise benefit from the hands-on, case-based educational modules covering a range of DBS surgical techniques for optimal lead placement, including image-based navigation, microelectrode recording/stimulation and lead test stimulation. Didactics and demonstrations focus on identifying the optimal target, principles of electricity, electronics, neuroelectrophysiology, intraoperative clinical assessment and regional anatomy. Cases illustrate the application of practical approaches and principles to targeting.

A newly developed third module introduces the principles and practice of automated intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (demonstrations based on Distance Expert®–Neurophysiology* [FHC, Inc., USA], the only such system commercially available in the United States). Knowledge and experience gained for generalization to current and future systems.

*Distance Expert®–Neurophysiology is FDA approved only in the U.S. To register, call +1 724-588-1324 or visit

Tourettes Action Offers Non-Financial Support to Researchers and Students for Studies

Interested in conducting Tourette Syndrome research? Tourettes Action (UK) offers non-financial support to researchers/research students wishing to recruit people for their research studies.

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited neurological condition causing involuntary and uncontrollable motor and vocal tics which can be painful, disabling and affect the quality of life of over 300,000 people in the UK.

There are many ways we can help to publicize your research project (newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, forums, email etc). Please contact Tourettes Action Research Manager Seonaid Anderson at for more information.