Task Force on Dystonia

Alberto Albanese, Chair
Hyder Jinnah, Co-Chair

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Study Group (PSP)

Guenter Hoeglinger, Chair

Validation of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson Disease (MCI) Study Group

Gert J. Geurtsen, Chair

Non-Motor PD Study Group

K. Ray Chaudhuri, Chair

Pedunculopontine Nucleus Area DBS Working Group (PPN DBS)

Elena Moro, Chair
Joachim Krauss, Chair

MDS Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) Study Group

Gregor K. Wenning, Chair
Phillip A. Low and Shoji Tsuji, Co-Chairs

MDS Position paper: Use of stem cell therapies for Parkinson's disease

Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Special Interest Group

Ruth Hagestuen, Chair

Task Force on Genetic Nomenclature in Movement Disorders

Christine Klein, Chair
Connie Marras, Co-Chair

Task Force on Telemedicine

E. Ray Dorsey, Chair

Task Force on the Definition of Parkinson's disease

Daniela Berg, Chair
Ron B. Postuma, Co-Chair

Task Force on Tremor

Rodger Elble, Chair

Task Force on Tremor

Neurosurgery Special Interest Group

Per Almqvist, Chair

Task Force on Africa

Richard Walker, Chair

Task Force on Africa

Nominating Committee

Werner Poewe, Chair

MDS Nominating Committee

Strategy and Planning Committee

Philip D. Thompson, Chair

Task Force for Developing the MDS-UPDRS

Christopher G. Goetz, Steering Committee Chair

Committee on Rating Scales Development

Pablo Martinez Martin, Chair
Glenn Stebbins, Co-Chair

Web Editorial Board

Hubert Fernandez, Co-Editor
Susan Fox, Co-Editor

The purpose of the Web site Committee is to more efficiently disseminate information about the initiatives and activities of The Movement Disorder Society (MDS) that will encourage people to browse and utilize the Web site.

Evidence-Based Medicine in Movement Disorders Committee

Susan Fox, Chair

Evidence-Based Medicine in Movement Disorders Committee

Archives Committee

Stewart Factor, Chair
Mark Stacy, Co-Chair

To preserve and log important documents and other materials pertaining to the history and activities of the Society.

Congress Scientific Program Committee

Victor Fung, Chair
2014 Co-Chair Per Odin

To develop the scientific program for the International Congress. Your committee will oversee the development of the 2012 International Congress scientific program.

Development Committee

Robert Hauser, Chair
Bastiaan Bloem, Co-Chair

To coordinate fundraising activities and establish permanent liaisons with industry.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee

Robert Rodnitzky, Chair

To review and recommend approval of individual courses/activities based on compliance with ACCME Essential Requirements and Standards for Commercial Support; develop and monitor processes for overall education program evaluation; and, be involved in the self study processes that will accompany re-accreditation every two-four years, as well as the ACCME site survey visits.

Education Committee

Joaquim Ferreira, Chair
Charles H. Adler, Co-Chair

To build a continuous, free-standing, education program to support physicians and other healthcare professionals around the world in their treatment of patients living with Movement Disorders; guide the International Executive Committee (IEC) in activities related to educating the professional and lay public on various aspects of Movement Disorders; and, develop educational programs and enduring materials on Movement Disorders.

Task Force on Epidemiology

Caroline M. Tanner, Chair

Scientific Issues Committee

Michael Okun, Chair
Jens Volkmann, Co-Chair

To prepare statements on scientific and ethical issues related to Movement Disorders, as well as review those prepared by others on behalf of the Society, and analyze new and existing treatments and make recommendations regarding their role in the treatment of patients with Movement Disorders.

Membership and Public Relations Committee

Alberto Espay, Chair

To ensure that Regular, Junior and Waived Dues Members are properly registered, and make suggestions to the International Executive Committee (IEC) about other classes of membership.

Financial Affairs Committee

Christopher Goetz, Chair

To periodically report to the IEC on the financial activities of the Society and provide recommendations on financial management.

2014 Congress Local Organizing Committee

Per Odin, Chair

The Congress Local Organizing Committee is responsible for coordinating local activities, social events, and site visits with a view to making recommendations regarding potential venues, entertainment, and other related aspects for these activities to the MDS International Congress Oversight Committee. The Committee may also be asked to provide its comments regarding local transportation options, as well as other logistical elements.

Bylaws Committee

Marina De Konig-Tijssen, Chair
Sylvain Chouinard, Co-Chair

To draft changes to the MDS Bylaws and to review bylaws of Movement Disorder sections in national neurological societies to ensure compliance with that of MDS.

Publications Oversight Committee

Cynthia Comella, Chair
Christopher Goetz, Chair

The purpose and primary responsibilities of the Journal Oversight Committee are to:
Oversee the finances and activities of the journal and the newsletter;
Participate in negotiations with the publisher on behalf of the Society;
Make recommendations on journal and newsletter policy;
Make recommendations on financial support of the editors of the journal;
Monitor reader satisfaction with the journal and newsletter; and,
Evaluate the performance of the editors of the journal and newsletter.

Awards Committee

Angela Cenci, Chair
Timothy Lynch, Co-Chair

To review and administer current awards and grants sponsored by the Society, to develop and implement clear selection criteria for these, and to propose future awards and grants.

International Congress Oversight Committee

Philip Thompson, Chair

To manage the planning, development, and implementation of the International Congress.