2014 Congress Local Organizing Committee

Per Odin, Chair


Committee Purpose

The Congress Local Organizing Committee is responsible for coordinating local activities, social events, and site visits with a view to making recommendations regarding potential venues, entertainment, and other related aspects for these activities to the MDS International Congress Oversight Committee.  The Committee may also be asked to provide its comments regarding local transportation options, as well as other logistical elements.

Committee’s mandate priorities for 2013-2014:
As above, to arrange events for the meeting.

MDS Staff Liaison: Jenny Quebbeman

Committee Members

Jan Aasly
Sten-Magnus Aquilonius
Anders Bjorklund
Patrik Brundin
M. Angela Cenci
Erik Hvid Danielsen
Espen Dietrichs
Nil Dizdar Segrell
Kjell Fuxe
Tove Henriksen
Ann Marie Janson Lang

Bo Johnels
Deniz Kirik
Jan Linder
Olle Lindvall
Susanna Lindvall
Ulrika Mundt-Petersen
Karen Ostergaard
Sven Palhagen
Per Svenningsson
Hakan Widner