MDS Task Forces

MDS Task Forces

Society Subdivisions

All subdivisions of the Society serve the clinical and scientific mission of the Society. The Society has subdivisions which serve administrative or scientific needs. In addition, we have subdivisions which serve the needs of specific member groups: Regional Sections and Special Interest Groups.

Task Forces are appointed to accomplish a specific, time limited task and remain in place until completion of the task. Task Forces are appointed by the officers and the president. Chairpersons are appointed by the president. Members are appointed by the chairperson and the president.

Benefits for task forces

  • Financial support for telephone conferences (if not otherwise covered)
  • Meeting space during the annual MDS Congress

Duties and responsibilities of task forces

  • Completing the task within an agreed time frame according to the needs of the Society
  • Reporting biannually to the Officers
  • Scientific results should be submitted to the Movement Disorders Journal
Application process
  • Development of a project plan, including objectives and aims
  • Members of MDS are eligible as task force members (exclusions from this rule are possible upon special request)

Task Force for Developing the MDS-UPDRS
Christopher G. Goetz, Steering Committee Chair

Task Force on Africa
Richard Walker, Chair

Task Force on Dystonia
Alberto Albanese, Chair
Hyder Jinnah, Co-Chair

Task Force on Epidemiology
Caroline M. Tanner, Chair

Task Force on Genetic Nomenclature in Movement Disorders
Christine Klein, Chair
Connie Marras, Co-Chair

Task Force on Telemedicine
E. Ray Dorsey, Chair

Task Force on the Definition of Parkinson's disease
Daniela Berg, Chair
Ron B. Postuma, Co-Chair

Task Force on Tremor
Rodger Elble, Chair