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Dopamine Transporter Imaging in Neurological Practice

Dopamine Transporter Imaging in Neurological Practice

DTI Athens Faculty

DTI Athens Faculty from left to right: Dr. Pantelis Stathis, Dr. Spyridon Konitsiotis, Dr. Georgios Tagaris, Prof. David Brooks, Dr. Vladimir Kostić. Not pictured: Dr. Christoph Scherfler

June 17, 2011
Athens, Greece

Submitted by Dr. Georgios A. Tagaris, Senior Consultant of Neurology and Movement Disorders Specialist at the G. Gennimatas General Hospital

On June 17, the first ever MDS-sponsored course in Greece took place at the Georgios Gennimatas General Hospital. The course was attended by 45 neurologists and nuclear medicine specialists from Greece and several other countries of Europe and the Middle East. The workshop focused on the proper use of dopamine transporter imaging and its potential usefulness in neurological practice.

The first part of the course was an overview of the various clinical aspects of Parkinson's disease. Prof. Kostić, Dr. Konitsiotis and Dr. Stathis described motor and non motor symptoms, apathy and impulse control disorders, as well as, dementia in Parkinsonism patients.

In the second part, Prof. Brooks, Dr. Scherfler and Dr. Tagaris focused on the principles of DTI, the proper interpretation of the images, potential pitfalls, the potential over- or under- use, and situations where the diagnostic value is maximized.

Finally, the course was concluded with three small group workshops where the participants had the opportunity to participate in interactive detailed presentations of several patient cases and correlate clinical data with imaging findings.

MDS would like to thank GE for their support through an unrestricted educational grant for this course.

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