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Dopamine Transporter Imaging in Neurological Practice

Dopamine Transporter Imaging in Neurological Practice

November 25, 2011
Vienna, Austria

The Movement Disorder Society hosted a dopamine transporter imaging course in Vienna, Austria on November 25, 2011 at the Vienna General Hospital.  Dr. Walter Pirker was the course director for this successful educational event. The course was attended by 32 neurologists and nuclear medicine specialists from Austria and several other countries, including Georgia, Israel, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, Croatia and Macedonia.  The Society awarded 8 travel grants for this course. The course focused on the proper use of dopamine transporter imaging and its potential usefulness in neurological practice.

The first part of the course was an overview of the various clinical aspects of Parkinson's disease. Werner Poewe discussed diagnostic challenges in PD; Jan Booij presented on the principles, data acquisition and image analysis of DAT imaging; Walter Pirker discussed the role of DAT imaging in PD and atypical parkinsonism; Angelo Antonini presented DAT imaging in non-degenerative parkinsonism and tremor syndromes; and Christoph Scherfler discussed sensitivity and specificity, research applications and progression studies.

In the second part of the course participants broke into smaller groups and were able to get more in-depth discussion and presentations on dopamine transporter imaging techniques, patient preparation and data acquisition, visual image analysis and semiquantification and illustrative case studies.

The Movement Disorder Society would like to thank GE Healthcare for their financial support of the course.