Past Activities
pmd conference

Preliminary Program

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Morning: Defining issues and diagnostic challenges
Chair: Joseph Jankovic
7:30 AM Breakfast, Posters up  
8:30 AM Psychogenic, conversion, malingering, differential diagnosis, criteria B Fred Ovsiew
9:00 AM Phenomenology of PMD Anthony Lang
9:30 AM Epidemiology of PMD, clinical impact Alan Carson
10:00 AM Predisposition & issues of mixed etiology Robert Cloninger
10:30 AM Break  
11:00 AM Gene x stress interactions in psychiatric disease David Goldman
11:30 AM Childhood disorders Joseph Jankovic
11:45 AM Latah Philip Thompson
12:00 PM Discussion  
12:30 PM Lunch and posters  

Afternoon: Other functional and related disorders
Chair: C. Robert Cloninger
2:00 PM Somatoform disorders Michael Sharpe
2:30 PM Non-epileptic seizures Curt Lafrance
3:00 PM Trauma and dissociation Ruth A. Lanius
3:30 PM Coffee Break  
4:00 PM CRPS-pain field perspective Jacobus J. van Hilten
4:15 PM CRPS, dystonia and psychogenicity Jose Ochoa
4:30 PM Hypochondriasis A.J. Barsky
5:00 PM Discussion  
5:30 PM Adjourn for the day  
Friday, April 3, 2009

Morning: Functional imaging and physiology
Chair: Mark Hallett
7:30 AM Breakfast  
8:30 AM Imaging: Psychogenic motor/sensory loss Patrik Vuilleumier
9:00 AM Imaging: Psychogenic Paralysis and imagery Karin Roelofs
9:30 AM Imaging: Tremor and other studies Valerie Voon
10:00 AM Coffee Break  
10:30 AM Imaging: Suggested, hypnotic and malingered limb paralysis Quinton Deeley
11:00 AM Willed action / Agency P. Haggard
11:30 AM Discussion  
12:00 PM LUNCH  

Afternoon: Functional imaging and physiology, continued
Chair: Günther Deuschl
1:00 PM Insights from physiology, tremor and myoclonus John Rothwell
1:30 PM Physiology of psychogenic dystonia Robert Chen
1:50 PM Discussion of organic vs. psychogenic dystonia Alfredo Berardelli
2:00 PM Reward/Genesis of behavior Read Montague
2:30 PM Deception Fatta Nahab
3:00 PM Free time to visit Cherry Blossoms  
7:00 PM Gala Dinner
Chair: Peter Halligan
8:30 PM Power of suggestion Irving Kirsch
9:00 PM An Ethical Justification for the Treatment of Psychogenic Movement Disorders with Suggestion Michel Shamy
9:30 PM Comment Peter Halligan
Saturday, April 4, 2009

Morning: Clinical evaluation and prognosis
Chair: A. Lang
7:30 AM Breakfast, Posters Up  
8:30 AM Rating scales Christopher Goetz
8:45 AM Quality of Life Lisa Shulman
9:00 AM Psychiatric testing Karen Anderson
9:30 AM Assessment of Malingering Richard Rogers
10:00 AM Coffee Break  
10:30 AM Prognosis Christopher Bass
10:45 AM Presenting the diagnosis Jon Stone
11:15 AM Patterns of practice (MDS questionnaire report) Alberto Espay
11:30 AM Discussion (to include consideration of Patient literature/education)  
12:00 PM Lunch and Posters  

Afternoon: Management
Chair: Stanley Fahn
1:30 PM Psychotherapy Michael Sharpe
2:00 PM Pharmacotherapy Kevin Black
2:30 PM Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Mark Hyman Rapaport
3:00 PM Coffee Break  
3:30 PM Inpatient therapy Dan Williams
4:00 PM Social/legal/insurance John LoCascio
4:30 PM Discussion  
5:00 PM Adjourn