Monthly Edition: October 2008

Welcome Message: October/November 2008

By Hubert H. Fernandez, MD and Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
Meet the Editors

Welcome to the October edition of your MDS website!

In this edition, we honor the visionary leaders and the tireless men and women who comprise the various non-for-profit Movement Disorders organizations. In today's global world, we now realize that it will take the deliberate and synergistic efforts of the academia, the federal governments of various countries, the pharmaceutical industry, and philanthropic and non-for-profit organizations, to find the cure and improve the lives of patients suffering from Movement Disorders.

While we cannot possibly highlight every organization, all of which are deserving of praise, we feature four exemplary foundations: The Michael J. Fox Foundation, The Society of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, We Move, and The Parkinson Alliance, as a representation of what non-for-profit organizations do, what their mission and focus are, and what makes them grow. In addition, we interview four scientific directors of four non-for-profit organizations -- Drs. Michael Okun, Mark Hallett, Peter LeWitt and Mahlon DeLong -- and appreciate their dedication and learn about how they lead their respective foundations.

Visit also October's Editor's Choice Article of the Month from the Movement Disorders journal ("Suicidal Ideation in Parkinson's Disease" by Nazem S, Siderowf AD, Duda JE, et al; with a wonderful commentary from Laura Marsh, MD that tries to de-stigmatize suicidal ideation in Parkinson's disease), Curbside Consult and Case of the Month. You may "take the quiz" in the Case of the Month, and you are encouraged to share your opinion in our Curbside Consult. If you missed last month's cases, you can view them in the Publications heading on the home page (simply point to it with your cursor and you will see Archived Monthly Website Editions)

Finally, we would like to thank and welcome our new Website Editorial Board (listed on the home page) for their willingness and generosity in devoting their time and effort to help improve our website. We are proud to have a distinguished international Editorial Board representing every committee, task force and section of The Movement Disorder Society, in our effort to make our website truly the hub of all our Society's activities!