Monthly Edition: December 2008

Asian-Oceanian Section broadens outreach

Nanchange meeting
Dr. Shengdi Chen organized a meeting of approximately 100 delegates in Nanchang, China in June 2008.

By Dr. Robert Iansek
Chairman, Asian-Oceanian Section

Welcome to all our AOS Members and to the AOS website.

It is my pleasure to announce that after discussion with the Web editors and the AOS representatives on the Web committee, we will be working toward making significant changes to the AOS website for the benefit of all members.

The first initiative will be the development of a regular newsletter which will keep all members informed of activities within the AOS region and focus on one or two sites within the AOS, as well as announcing successes or outcomes of research projects of sites or individuals within the AOS. If you have any interesting information regarding your site, hospital or research we would welcome any suggestions to the newsletter sub-editors so that they can incorporate your information into the next forthcoming newsletter.

We do have a large geographical area to cover with a large number of current members and hopefully an increase in membership over the next few years and so it is important for us to keep abreast of our achievements, developments and progress so that we are better informed of each others activities.

I believe that this will enable us also to network together to perhaps undertake co-operative research projects or educational exchanges. I hope that you will provide the sub-editors with as much information as possible over the coming 12 months to ensure that the newsletter is a success.

The second development will be the introduction of an educational exchange program that we hope will take place spontaneously between sites or individuals within the AOS. We believe this program will enable cross-linking and transference of knowledge and experience between different sites at all levels of experience and disciplines within the team structures -- so important these days in the delivery of services for people with Movement Disorders, particularly Parkinson's disease.

We hope to place on the website relevant information regarding sites within the AOS that are happy to participate in exchange programs so that an individual who wishes to look at an exchange program would be better informed about the clinical services, expertise and research endeavours that are being undertaken at relevant sites within the AOS. We will also ask that each site on the AOS website provides information regarding any possible funding that would be available to enable exchanges to take place and also a key contact person to expedite any request.

We will initiate this development hopefully over the next few months. Again, if you feel that your site would like to be involved, please contact the Web editors so that they can incorporate your site and its information on our website.

The representatives from the AOS on the Web committee are Tim Anderson (New Zealand) and Shu Leong Ho (Hong Kong).

The sub-editors for the newsletter will be Tim Anderson and Win Lok Au (Singapore).

The e-mail addresses for all the contacts are available on the AOS website.

I would also like to remind all members of the forthcoming Asian and Oceanian Movement Disorder and Parkinson Congress which is planned for New Delhi, India, from the 15th to 17th February, 2009.

The program has now been completed and we have a very experienced international faculty at the conference. The program has been designed to provide information and also to educate delegates in regard to movement disorders. It is a very comprehensive program and we would like as many members as possible to attend and support the AOS at this very important meeting.

Further information regarding the New Delhi meeting is also available on the AOS website regarding registration, accommodation and full details of the planned program.

There are a number of travelling fellowships available for attendance for trainee Neurologists and the application form is also available on the AOS website.

I would also like to draw your attention to the closing date for the abstract submission which is the 31st December, 2008.

I am sure that there are other changes planned for the AOS website and I would encourage you to participate in its development. Please advise the editors and the AOS representatives on the Web committee of any ideas that you may have in regard to improving the site to make it more user friendly and provide and disseminate information about the AOS.

I look forward to future developments on the website and once again I encourage you to participate in its development.