Website Edition: February/March 2009

Message from the Editors: February-March 2009 Edition

By Hubert H. Fernandez, MD
Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD

Welcome to the February-March Edition of the MDS website!

For this edition, we feature the men and women working toward a better future for all patients with dystonia. We include 5 special articles starting with "An Invitation from the Dystonia Study Group" by Dr. Cynthia Comella. This edition also features 2 updates from some of our most respected and brightest dystonia researchers. Dr. Christine Klein from Lubeck, Germany shares with us the very latest in dystonia genetics in her article, "The Twists and Turns of Dystonia Genes and Loci: An Update" while Dr. Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre from the University of Iowa tells us how the advancements in dystonia genetics, especially in DYT-1, have led to the therapeutic promise of "RNA interference."

Janet Hishetter and Dr. Mahlon DeLong share with us the mission, purpose, accomplishments and continuing commitment of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation in advancing the research and improving the care of patients with dystonia. Finally, our last featured article on dystonia highlights how a father, his family and his community react to a challenge which turns into a life-long mission that now touches the lives of people all over the globe. Rick Staab describes his journey so far, as a father of a son with dystonia, and the mission of "Tyler's Hope for a Dystonia Cure."

In this edition, our Website Editorial Board has chosen "The Management of Tics" by Dr. Shprecher and Dr. Kurlan as our featured Editor's Choice Article. This article can be read in its entirety by MDS members and non-members alike! We have invited Dr. Joseph Jankovic to provide his comments and share some additional insights on his experience with the management of tics. Finally, we invite you to view our new Case of the Month and Curbside Consult. Consider also submitting your own challenging and interesting cases for our future editions, share your thoughts by sending us a note or by voting at our Online Poll!