Website Edition: August/September 2009

Message from the Editors: August/September 2009 Edition

By Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD and Hubert Fernandez, MD
Co-Medical Editors, MDS Website

Welcome to the August-September Edition of the MDS website and check out our new features!

But first, here are a few statistics from the Paris Congress. There were approximately 5,000 participants, 90 countries represented, 100 Travel Grants awarded, 172 faculty members in the Scientific Sessions, 1,714 posters displayed, 27 companies exhibited and 50 representatives from the press which resulted in 220 media placements.

Our 13th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders in Paris, France was a clear success and an important opportunity for us to interact with our colleagues and listen to their useful comments and suggestions for improving the website. Paris allowed us to meet personally with our prestigious editorial board and new ideas have taken shape and without a doubt will be online in the near future. The use of the Web by members is growing swiftly. In the past year, approximately 33,000 people visited the website every month!

We have identified that a significant number of MDS members who are health professionals deserve a section within our website and now we are in the process of developing it. Very soon you will have all those scales that the MDS task forces recommended as well as those that may be of interest to you in the clinical practice available online to download. The result of this great effort performed by the MDS developing task force soon will have a place in the Web page with the option of downloading the new scale, training in its use and obtaining an online certificate from MDS!

Finally, a Book Section is under consideration for the home page and an innovative Web-based tool is being tested for making project collaboration easier and accessible by the Society's task forces and committees.

You will notice from this edition that the name of the former "Curbside Consult" was changed to "Quick Opinion Please," a suggestion from the editorial board. In addition, a tracking system was added to this feature so that you will still be able to comment on the case, even after the case has been archived in the Video Library, triggering an e-mail alert to the case authors.

In this edition, our Website Editorial Board has chosen "Serotonin and Parkinson's disease: On movement, mood, and madness" by Dr. Susan Fox which can be read entirely by MDS members and non-members alike! We have invited Dr. David Burn to provide his comments in a podcast and share some additional insights on this topic.

For those who were unable to attend the Paris meeting or want to review it again, we are posting the C. David Marsden Award Lecture by Dr. Richard Morimoto on "The Stress of Misfolded Proteins in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease." Also, we feature The Movement Disorder Society 2009 Presidential Award: Stanley Fahn Lecture in Clinical Research by Christopher Goetz, who writes on the life of Jean Charcot. Dr. Helen Ling, who was honored with the MDS Clinical Award 2009, presents a summary of her work on "Diagnostic Accuracy in 18 cases of Pathologically Confirmed Corticobasal Degeneration." I'm sure you will enjoy these presentations thoroughly.

We invite you to view our new Case of the Month and Quick Opinion Please. Consider also submitting your own challenging and interesting cases for our future editions, share your thoughts by sending us a note or by participating in "Test Your Knowledge" on the home page.

Finally, click on the "Links" icon on the home page to access a central source of contact information for nonprofit organizations, research networks, and support groups of various Movement Disorders; and click on EBM Reviews and Task Force Papers for the complete collection of Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews and Task Force Position Papers published in the Movement Disorders Journal!