Website Edition: February/March 2010

Message from the Editors

By Hubert H. Fernandez, MD and Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
Co-Medical Editors, MDS Website

Welcome to the February-March 2010 Edition of the MDS website! As we pass the halfway mark of our tenure as Co-Medical Editors of our Society's website, we would like to thank all of you for the tremendous support and the positive feedback we have received. To date, we have redesigned our home page, added features, links, new icons, drop-down menus in our effort to make our website the central hub of our international Society's activities and communications.

We are delighted to report that since we took over in June 2008, the average monthly site visits have grown 63.6% (from 27,408 in 2007 to 44,852 in 2009) and the average monthly page views have grown 139% (from 51,549 in 2007 to 123, 297 in 2009)! Thank you for your patronage!

2007-2009 MDS Web Statistics

  2007 2008 2009
Average Monthly Site Visits 27,408 31,715 (15.7% increase since 2007) 44,852 (63.6% increase from 2007)
Average Monthly Page Views 51,549 83,289 (61.6% increase since 2007) 123,297 (139% increase since 2007)

- Smarter Stats

In this edition, we are proud to present the highlights of an important Educational and Ambassador Program that was successfully conducted in the Philippines through the support of our Society and most especially the Asian Oceanian Section (AOS) of the MDS. Please browse through the program and the extended abstracts of the 1st Movement Disorders Society National Convention focusing on X-Linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism.

In addition, our Web Editorial Board has chosen "Apathy May Herald Cognitive Decline and Dementia in Parkinson's Disease" by Drs. Dujardin, Sockeel, Delliaux, Destee & Defebvre as our featured Editor's Choice Article. This article can be read in its entirety by MDS members and non-members alike! We have invited 2 expert neuropsychologists, Dawn Bowers and Lindsey Kirsh-Darrow, both with strong interest in apathy in PD, to provide their comments and share some additional insights.

If you are a member, we invite you to view our new Case of the Month and Quick Opinion Please features. In this edition, Quick Opinion Please features a 44-year-old man from Iran with segmental dystonia. Consider also submitting your own challenging and interesting cases for our future editions. Finally, new on the home page are two new features: the Health Professionals Section and Books On Sale - your central source for Internet shopping of Movement Disorder related books.