Website Edition: April/May 2010

Message from the Editors

By: Hubert H. Fernandez, MD
Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD

Welcome to the April-May 2010 Edition of the MDS Web site! In this edition, we are proud to co-promote and feature a wonderful initiative of the Office of Rare Disease Research (ORDR) of the National Institutes of Health that provides hope for thousands of our own patients suffering from rare movement disorders.

In collaboration with the NIH Institutes and Centers, the Rare Disease Clinical Research Network was initiated in 2003. Seven years later, 4 of the 19 research consortia established now focus on movement disorders: spinocerebellar ataxia, dystonia, episodic ataxia, and multiple system atrophy and similar autonomic disorders.

A wonderful introduction to this initiative is written by Dr. Wendy Galpern, Program Director of Clinical Trials at the NINDS. This is followed by 4 separate articles on these rare movement disorders written by their respective consortia leaders.

We invite you to view our new Case of the Month and Quick Opinion Please featuring a 23-year-old man from Argentina with brief paroxysmal arousals during sleep. Consider also submitting your own challenging and interesting cases for our future editions. Finally, new on the homepage are the Health Professionals Section and Books On Sale–your central source for Internet shopping of Movement Disorders related books! Enjoy!