Website Edition: December 2012/January 2013

Message from the Editors

By Hubert Fernandez, MD and Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
Co-Medical Editors of the MDS Website


Welcome to this edition of the MDS website and Happy Holidays!

Spotlight on Huntington's Disease

In this edition, we are pleased to shine the spotlight of Movement Disorders research on Huntington's Disease. We have three guest articles: The first is by Juliana Bronzova, Science Director for the European Huntington's Disease Network, who provides an update on the scope of the group's work, including the areas of Science, Clinical Research, and Care.

Next we hear from Louise Vetter, CEO of the Huntington's Disease Society of America, who provides an overview of the group's activities during 2012. William Fernandez-Escobar, Head, Movement Disorders Unit, Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Bogotá writes on: "Huntington's Disease: From Basic Sciences to Social and Family Issues." His article is gleaned from lectures at the 7th Plenary meeting of the European Huntington's Disease Network which was held this past September in Stockholm, Sweden.

Case of the Month: A Taiwanese woman presents with involuntary movement of the right upper limb and motor disability of the left upper limb

In this edition we feature the Third Place Winner of the 2012 Case of the Month Contest. The video case, submitted by Yi-Cheng Tai, MD, and Ruey-Meei Wu, MD, PhD, Taiwan, is entitled, "A Taiwanese woman presents with involuntary movement of the right upper limb and motor disability of the left upper limb." Click here to view the case. (Members Only) Watch for upcoming information about next year's competition on the MDS website and in the MDS E-Newsletter.

Quick Opinion Please: The Case of a Patient With Episodic Unilateral Arm Movements

In this video case submitted by Dr. Gian Pal, MD, and Dr. Cynthia Comella, MD, both of Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, (USA), an 18-year-old female presents with paroxysmal movements involving her right arm.The patient first started to have movements beginning 2 years prior to evaluation. The movements are in her right upper arm, develop suddenly, are paroxysmal, lasting between 3 days and as long as 13 days. Join the discussion here (Members Only).

MDS Social Media Connections

Last but not least, the Society thanks the Twitter community which topped 1,000 followers this year! Everyone who follows MDS helps spread the word about the latest news and research in the field of Movement Disorders. We are extremely pleased and grateful to all of you!


As we say farewell to 2012, and look ahead to 2013, the Online Co-Medical Web Editors, Website Manager, and Web Editorial Board would like to wish all of you, our colleagues and friends around the globe, a joyous and peaceful holiday season and a bright new year!