Website Edition: August/September 2013

Message from the Editors

Hubert Fernandez, MD, and Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
MDS Website Medical Co-Editors

Changes coming to website and the Society

We are excited to see the Society continue to evolve and expand as more healthcare professionals seek to share knowledge and resources about movement disorders around the globe. But we are not only growing in membership (over 4,000) but in other areas as well. Our website has surpassed 1,500 pages and is visited by more than 30,000 people each month! In order to provide the highest quality of tools and resources on the website, the Society is moving ahead with a full redesign of the site in 2013-2014. We are anxious to get under way and promise exciting enhancements in the months to come.

Perhaps most exciting of all, this September the Society will officially have a new name which encompasses its global reach and specialty. Please view the Society's Bylaws which were amended in June 2013 at the 17th International Congress in Sydney for information on the name change. More details regarding the name change will be released in the coming weeks.

June issue of Movement Disorders Journal articles now on homepage

In this edition, we feature several Journal articles from the June 2013 issue:

2013 Video Case of the Month Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who submitted video cases to the Society's Second Annual Video Case of the Month Competition.

We received 14 intriguing cases from around the world, including: Taiwan, Japan, India, Ireland, Sweden, Honduras, Colombia, Argentina, USA, Thailand and Brazil. Now, we are pleased to announce the first, second and third place winners of the competition. They are:

First Place: Martin Paucar, Martin Engvall, Pia Andersen, and Per Svenningsson, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden for the case: Progressive unsteadiness, falls and cognitive decline in a 34-year-old female.” (Members Only)

Second Place: Gabriel Persi and Emilia Gatto, Sanitorio de la Trinidad Mitre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the case: “Progressive ataxia in an 18-year-old man.”

Third Place: Rafael de Lima Reis, Eduardo Prezzi, and Luiz Felipe Vasconcellos, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the case: “Afro-Brazilian man presents with slowly progressive diplopia due to painless opthalmoparesis.”

Second and Third Place winners will have their cases posted on the MDS website in the coming months, so check back soon to view these winning cases.