Website Edition: February/March 2014

Message from the Website Co-Editors

Hubert Fernandez, MD, and Susan Fox, MRCP (UK), PhD
MDS Website Medical Co-Editors


Welcome to the February/March 2014 edition of the MDS website.

Web Case of the Month Grand Finale

In this edition of the website we are pleased to present all video cases that were submitted as part of the Web Case of the Month Competition in 2013.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning videos are included, followed by video cases, grouped according to region (Asian-Oceanian; Pan-American; European).

The current Web Case of the Month format is ending. We would like to thank all authors for their excellent submissions in the past.

We encourage you to submit to the new Movement Disorders - Clinical Practice that is now accepting high quality video case submissions for consideration of publication in the new online journal, Clinical Practice.

Quick Opinion Please - Join the discussion!

This edition we feature the case of a 3-year-old child admitted with a gait disturbance. The case is submitted by Dr. Jacek Zwiernik, MD (Szpital Wojewodzki, Olsztyn, Poland), who would like comments on the diagnosis. Go to Quick Opinion Please and join the discussion today! (Members Only)


Coming Soon! Movement Disorders-Clinical Practice

Movement Disorders-Clinical Practice, is the new exclusively online journal from the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society. Debuting in 2014, the sister publication to Movement Disorders, Movement Disorders-Clinical Practice seeks to publish peer-reviewed articles that are focused on clinical practice and educational issues relevant to movement disorders neurology.

Particular emphasis will be placed on updates in clinical patient management, new advances in clinical diagnosis, novel observations on phenomenology, and practice-related management. This journal will also publish important individual case presentations, case series, and vignettes with and without accompanied videos.


What's New: EBM Reviews Now Updated Through 2013

In this edition, please check out the latest Evidence Based Medicine update on non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This is part of the ongoing updates, hosted on the website, as interim updates between the published EBM updates in the Movement Disorders journal.