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Abstracts of Volume 27, Issue 6


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Podcasts by title

audio file Alpha-synuclein in colonic submucosa in early untreated Parkinson's disease

audio file Is alpha-synuclein in the colon a biomarker for premotor Parkinson's disease? Evidence from 3 cases

audio file Depression and quality of life in monogenic compared to idiopathic, early-onset Parkinson's disease

audio file Increased levels of 5-HT1A receptor binding in ventral visual pathways in Parkinson's disease

audio file Are high doses of carbidopa a concern? A randomized, clinical trial in Parkinson's disease

audio file Suggested immobilization test for diagnosis of restless legs syndrome in Parkinson's disease

audio file Entorhinal cortex atrophy differentiates Parkinson's disease patients with and without dementia

audio file Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder and risk of dementia in Parkinson's disease: A prospective study

audio file Diffusion tensor imaging of freezing of gait in patients with white matter changes

audio file The association between Mediterranean diet adherence and Parkinson's disease

audio file A multicenter randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial of pramipexole for Tourette syndrome

audio file Increased medial orbitofrontal [18F] fluorodopa uptake in Parkinsonian impulse control disorders

audio file Status dystonicus: Predictors of outcome and progression patterns of underlying disease

audio file A new phenotype of brain iron accumulation with dystonia, optic atrophy, and peripheral neuropathy

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