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Abstracts of Volume 27, Issue 8


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Podcasts by title

audio file A0001 in Friedreich ataxia: Biochemical characterization and effects in a clinical trial

audio file The phenotypic spectrum of dystonia in Mohr–Tranebjaerg syndrome

audio file Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder and subtypes of Parkinson's disease

audio file Alcohol and risk of Parkinson's disease in a large, prospective cohort of men and women

audio file Metabolic markers or conditions preceding Parkinson's disease: A case-control study

audio file Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 and alternative splicing in Parkinson's disease

audio file Role of anticipation and prediction in smooth pursuit eye movement control in Parkinson's disease

audio file Cardiovascular physiology in premotor Parkinson's disease: A neuroepidemiologic study

audio file Decreased olfactory bulb volume in idiopathic Parkinson's disease detected by 3.0-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging

audio file Flattened facial colliculus on magnetic resonance imaging in Machado–Joseph disease

audio file Short latency afferent inhibition in Parkinson's disease patients with dementia

audio file High frequency of Parkin exon rearrangements in Mexican-mestizo patients with early-onset Parkinson's disease

audio file Hand stereotypies distinguish Rett syndrome from autism disorder

audio file Enhanced low-frequency oscillatory activity of the subthalamic nucleus in a patient with dystonia

audio file Intraoperative x-ray to measure distance between DBS leads: A reliability study

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