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October 2013

       1. Telemedicine Program in Douala, Cameroon
       2. Neurosurgery Report from the Chair
       3. New Movement Disorders Book Reviews

September 2013

       1. Society votes to change its name

August 2013

       1. MDS Position Paper: Use of stem cell therapies for Parkinson's disease | audio file Download the podcast
       2. Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale - French Translation
       3. Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale - German Translation
       4. A History of Dystonia

May 2013

      1. Book Review: Parkinson's Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life

April 2013

       1. Parkinson's disease in Sub-Saharan Africa
       2. Journal Clinical Vignette & Commentary: Slowing of saccadic eye movements in sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease
       3. Journal Feature Article: β-amyloid and postural instability and gait difficulty in Parkinson's disease at risk for dementia
       4. Journal Feature Article: Cerebrospinal fluid Aβ levels correlate with structural brain changes in Parkinson's disease

March 2013

       1. Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale - Spanish Translation
       2. Book Review: Movement Disorders: Unforgettable Cases and Lessons from the Bedside

February 2013

       1. Patient Education: The 9th Asian Pacific Parkinson Association Meeting
       2. Message from the Editors
       3. Highlights of 17th International Congress
       4. What to see and do while in Sydney, Australia
       5. New study suggests deep brain stimulation (DBS) is now beneficial in earlier stages of Parkinson's disease

January 2013

      1. Abstract submission deadline for 2013 Congress extended
      2. Task Force on Africa: Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Training Course in Tanzania featured on BBC World Service audio file
      3. Health Professionals: Inter-Professional Education for the Multi-Disciplinary Team
      4. EFNS-MDS-ES recommendations for the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
      5. Summary of the recommendations of the EFNS/MDS-ES review on therapeutic management of Parkinson's disease
      6. Book Review: Marsden's Book of Movement Disorders
      7. AOS Training Fellowship Applications being accepted through January 31, 2013

December 2012

      1. Improving Lives of People Affected by Huntington's Disease
      2. EHDN: A Collaborative Platform
      3. HD: From Basic Sciences to Social and Family Issues
      4. 2013 Congress Registration now open
      5. Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Featured Review: Quality of Life in Parkinson's
      6. Message from the Editors
      7. Video: Welcome to MDS Video
      8. Video: 2012 Oral History Interviews Video
      9. Video: MDS Social Media Connections Video
    10. Comment on October 2012 Journal Article
    11. Video: Message from MDS President Video
    12. MDS Rating Scales Update
    13. Editor's Choice Article & Review: Gait patterns in parkinsonian patients with or without mild cognitive impairment

November 2012

      1. 2013 Congress Housing Reservations Now Open
      2. Registration now open for Winter School for Young Neurologists in Tartu, Estonia, March 1-3, 2013
      3. Registration now open for Summer School for Young Neurologists in Santiago, Chile, April 5-7, 2013
      4. Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Can Access Information About Interdisciplinary Care
      5. Video: About the MDS-UPDRS Video

October 2012

      1. 2013 Congress Abstract Submission Now Open
      2. 2012 Congress Blue Ribbon Highlights
      3. MDS-UPDRS Training Program & Exercise Now Available in Italian, Spanish and French Video
      4. New books: Rating Scales in Parkinson's Disease: Clinical Practice and Research
      5. Congress 2013 Travel Grant applications now being accepted
      6. Editor's Choice Article & Review: Tricyclic antidepressants delay the need for dopaminergic therapy in early Parkinson's
audio file
      7. Quick Opinion Please: 18-year-old woman with episodic unilateral arm movements (Members Only)

September 2012

      1. Editors Choice Article & Review: Genetic Influences in Cognitive Decline of PD audio file
      2. 17th International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders
      3. Streaming Video from Toronto, Buenos Aires Congresses Video
      4. Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Video Presentations from 16th International Congress Video

August 2012

      1. Message from the Editors
      2. Highlights from the 16th International Congress
      3. 2012 MDS Awards
      4. Education: New course offerings in Stockholm, Boston
      5. UDysRS Training Program & Exercise Video

July 2012

       1. Congress 2012: Claim CME
       2. Congress 2012: View Abstracts
       3. April 2012 Issue of Movement Disorders - Japanese
       4. MDS-ES Review: Functional immaturity of cortico-basal ganglia networks in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
       5. 5th Annual Summer School for Young Neurologists

June 2012

       1. NINDS Releases Huntington's Disease Common Data Elements
       2. Message from the Editors: Journal Podcasts and the 16th International Congress
       3. Free! Top Downloaded Journal Articles in 2012
       4. Download the MDS Journal Mobile App
       5. MDS-ES: Update from the Chair

May 2012

       1. European Dystonia Network Meeting in Dublin is June 16
       2. 2012-2014 MDS-ES Education Strategic Plan
       3. 2012 Congress: Change to Poster Viewing Location

April 2012

       1. Membership Needs Assessment Survey (Open to members and non-members)
       2. Message from the Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Special Interest Group
       3. Movement Disorders Journal Podcast Reports audio file
       4. Message from the Editors
       5. Latest Issue of Moving Along
       6. 2013 International Congress: Session Suggestions now being accepted
       7. Understanding Gait in Aging: Finding the Way Forward
       8. Aging, the Central Nervous System and Mobility in Older Adults
       9. MDS Outreach Education Programs
      10. An Evening with Lúnasa and the Brain in Dublin
      11. Editor's Choice Article & Review: Pisa syndrome in Parkinson's disease audio file

February 2012

       1. Education: Host a Summer or Winter School for Young Neurologists
       2. Education: Summer School for Young Neurologists is July 6-8, 2012
       3. MDS-ES and EFNS Annual Congress in Stockholm - Program available
       4. Patient Education: Recent Advances in Parkinson's disease webcast Video
       5. Editor's Choice Article & Review: Mortality from Parkinson's disease: A population-based prospective study (NEDICES) audio file
       6. Update on treatments for symptoms of motor Parkinson's disease
       7. Update on treatments for symptoms of nonmotor Parkinson's disease

January 2012

       1. Education: Bloomsday Basic Movement Disorders Course
       2. Case of the Month: Calling All Regional Section Cases!
       3. Education: Botulinum Toxin Training Course
       4. MDS Website E-Newsletter
       5. Education: Coffee Break CME Now Online! Video

December 2011

       1. 2012 Congress: Grand Rounds
       2. 2012 Congress: Latest News and Updates
       3. Editor's Choice Article & Review: The relation between cognition and motor dysfunction in drug-naive newly diagnosed patients with Parkinson's disease audio file
       4. MDS Website E-Newsletter

November 2011

       1. Moving Along: Vol. 15, Issue 2
       2. Global Assessment Scale for Wilson's Disease
       3. 2012 Congress: MDS Video Games Letter of Intent Submissions
       4. European Section: Diagnosis and Treatment of Dystonia Syndromes Course Report

October 2011

       1. MDS Headlines: Latest Society News
       2. AOS: Letter from the Chair
       3. Health Professionals (Non-Physician): Featured Article
       4. 16th International Congress: Abstract Submissions Open
       5. MDS-UPDRS: Italian and Spanish Versions Now Available
       6. Links: Ongoing and Future Clinical Trials

September 2011

  1. 16th International Congress: New Website Debuts
  2. MDS Journal: Japanese Editions
  3. Education: Basic Movement Disorders Curriculum

August 2011

  1. Leadership: 2011-2013 MDS President and Officers
  2. Course Report: 3rd AOPMC, Taipei, Taiwan
  3. Health Professionals (Non-Physician): Reviews in Physical Therapy, Nursing, and Genetics
  4. Course Report: PAS Ambassador Program - San Salvador, El Salvador 
  5. History in Movement Disorders: Personal Reflections Video
  6. 15th International Congress: Presidential Lectures Video
  7. Enroll HD: A Progressive Registry Study in Global Huntington's Disease COHORT

July 2011

  1. Rating Scales: MDS-Recommended and MDS-Owned Scales
  2. Sub-Saharan Africa Special Interest Group Launches

June 2011

  1. 15th International Congress: VO Games DVD-ROM

May 2011

  1. AOS Regional Homepage in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  2. En Español: About MDS
  3. Join MoveNet

April 2011

  1. MDS Mobile: The Movement Disorder Society On The Go
  2. History of Movement Disorders Neurosurgery