Asian and Oceanian Section
Cebu City

Cebu City Course Report

Greetings to MDS from the Movement Disorders Society of the Philippines (MDSP). We thank you for having officially accepted us into your folds as an MDS Affiliate Society.

Allow us to highlight the 1st MDSP national convention that focused on the indigenous disorder present in our The Philippines - DYT3 dystonia or X-linked Dystonia-Parkinsonism (XDP, also referred to as Lubag Disease).

XDP has been recognized for many years, but, for obvious lack of resources, research has been slow, in spite of the efforts of project leader (Dr. Lillian Lee) to circumvent the problem by collaborating with outside institutions. The MDSP feels that it is our responsibility to be keenly aware of the plight of XDP patients, and hopefully garner some outside interest for support in its research projects. Indeed the MDS, through the Asian-and-Oceanian-Section (MDS-AOS), provided a platform for this worthy cause by granting support to this national meeting, held in Cebu City, Philippines from November 18-19, 2009.

Dubbed "Movement Disorders in Focus," this educational activity was held in tandem with the annual scientific conventions of the Philippine Neurological Association (PNA) and the Child Neurology Society of the Philippines (CNSP). We aimed to educate and learn amongst ourselves the current state of XDP researches, amidst a panel of invited international Movement Disorder specialists and Filipino experts alike. The flavor of the meeting was capped by the presence of MDS President, Prof Phillip Thompson, who delivered the PNA Gilberto Gamez Memorial Lecture and participated through the MDS Ambassador Program.

Kindly browse through the program highlights below and click on the speaker names and presentation titles to see speaker affiliation and presentation abstracts.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond L. Rosales

Raymond L. Rosales, MD, PhD, FPNA, FPPA
President, MDSP

Roland Dominic Jamora

Roland Dominic Jamora, MD, FPNA
Vice President, MDSP/Overall Convention Chair

"Movement Disorders in Focus" (An Educational Activity Supported by the MDS-AOS)

Organized by the Movement Disorders Society of the Philippines (MDSP) together with XDP Project and PNA

November 18, 2009 Session 1: Workshop on scales in Movement Disorders
5:00-7:00 pm UPDRS/ BFM Scale (to include a brief overview on Parkinson's disease and dystonia)
Dr. Hubert Fernandez (USA)
Dr. Cid Diesta (Philippines)
Morning Session
November 19, 2009 Session 2: "All about XDP"
8:00-8:15 Opening Ceremonies and welcome addresses by PNA President (Dr. Godfrey Robeniol) and Dr. Lillian Lee
8:15-8:55 The XDP Story
Dr. Lillian Lee (Philippines)
8:55-9:15 Pathology of XDP
Dr. Edwin Munoz (Philippines)
9:15-9:35 Neuroimaging
Dr. Kenneth Tan / Dr. Claro Ison (Philippines)
9:35-9:55 Neuropsychological Profile
Dr. Lourdes Ledesma (Philippines)
9:55-10:25 Genetics
Dr. Marita Reyes (Philippines)
10:25-11:25 Therapeutics Panel
Oral Pharmacology - Dr. Dominic Jamora (Philippines)
Chemodenervation - Muscle afferent block & Botulinum Toxin - Dr. Raymond Rosales (Philippines)
Surgery - Dr. Jose Aguilar (Philippines)
11:25-11:45 Question & answer
11:45-12:45 Easy Lunch with "Video Focus" on Interesting Movement Disorders:
Dr. Zvezdan Pirtosek (Slovenia)-moderator
Afternoon Session
12:45-3:30 Session 3: Updates in Parkinsons Disease and Related Diseases
12:45-1:05 Movement Disorders in the Philippines
Dr. Dominic Jamora (Philippines)
1:05- 1:30 Genetics of Parkinson's Disease
Dr. Eng-King Tan (Singapore)
1:30 -1:55 Motor Aspects of Parkinson's Disease
Dr. Zvezdan Pirtosek (Slovenia)
1:55-2:20 Non-Motor Aspects of Parkinson's Disease
Dr. Hubert Fernandez (USA)
2:20-2:45 Parkinson's Plus Syndrome
Dr. Dirk Dressler (Germany)
2:45-3:10 Parkinsonism and Ataxias
Dr. Eng-King Tan (Singapore)
3:10-3:30 Question and answer
  Coffee break
3:30-5:00 Session 4: Therapeutics in PD & other Movement Disorders
3:30-3:55 Pharmacologic Updates in PD treatment
Philip Thompson (Australia)
3:55- 4:20 Non-Pharmacologic Treatment in PD & other Movement Disorders
Dr. Petr Kanovsky (Czech Rep)
4:20-4:45 Chemodenervation in PD & other Movement Disorders
Dr. Dirk Dressler (Germany) and Ferishte Adib (Germany)
4:45-5:00 Question & Answer
5:00-6:45 Session 5: Panel Discussion on Surgical Therapy (DBS) in Parkinson's Disease
5:00-5:20 Overview on DBS
Dr. Theodor Vesagas (Philippines)
5:20-6:20 Panel Discussion
Dr. Theodor Vesagas (Philippines)
Dr. Phillip Thompson (Australia)
Dr. Hubert Fernandez (USA)
Dr. Petr Kanovsky (Czech Republic)
6:20-6:45 Question & answer
6:45-7:00 Closing Remarks- Dr. Raymond Rosales

Induction Ceremonies headed by Drs. Philip Thompson (MDS President), Lillian Lee (MDSP Honorary President and Adviser) and Dr. Godfrey Robeniol (PNA President):
The MDSP office bearers and its official affiliation to MDS