Asian and Oceanian Section

AOS Fellowship Programs

Country: Japan

National Center Hospital of Neurology and Psychiatry, Department of Neurology

Fellowship training information:

Has had a movement disorders fellowship training program for 10 years.
Length of fellowship training: 3 years
Offers specific training in Botulinum Toxin Injections, Electrophysiology in movement disorders, and Deep Brain Stimulation.


1st year: Training as a general Neurologist for 1 year; well- trained neurologist can omit this process. 2nd-3rd Training for the movement disorder specialist; Trainee can select such multiple fields for the rotation as neurophysiology, neuroradiology, neuropathology, neurosurgery, pediastric neurology, rehabilitation.

Represented subspecialties:

Psychology - 5
Psychiatry - 50
Gerontology - 4
Neuroimaging - 5
Neuropharmacology - 2
Neurosurgery - 4
Neurology - 25
Neuroscience - 10
Nursing - 65
Nutrition/Dietetics - 5
Physical Therapy - 30
Social Work - 3
Speech/Swallowing Therapy - 5

Contact information:

Contact Name: Miho Murata
Contact Email:
Program Website:

Additional comments:

Positions available; a few. According to application, length of fellowship training could be shortened on your request.