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Country: Singapore

National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore

Fellowship training information:

Has had a movement disorders fellowship training program for 10 years.
Positions available: 2
Length of fellowship training: 1 year.
Offers specific training in Botulinum Toxin Injections, Electrophysiology in movement disorders, and Deep Brain Stimulation.


Training Objectives 1. To excel in the evaluation and management of patients with parkinsonism and other movement disorders. 2. To acquire skills in the use of Botulinum toxin for the management of movement disorders. 3. To understand the role of the neurologists in DBS surgery: patient selection, pre-operative assessment, intra-operative evaluation and post-operative programming. 4. To become familiar with various clinical rating scales and videotape protocols. 5. To learn and understand research strategies, methodologies and techniques in PD and movement disorders. Methodology / Programme Content • Specialists PD and MD clinics • Botulinum Toxin clinics • Care of inpatients with movement disorders • Hands-on attachment in motor control laboratory • DBS surgery: pre, intra, and post-operative management • Movement Disorders and multi-disciplinary rounds • Participation in research projects, presentations and publications • Attendance at scientific meetings and rounds • Visits to PD exercise class/physiotherapy session, occupational therapy, voice class/speech therapy and growth groups/medical social worker counseling sessions • Introduction to PD patient support groups at NNI the work of the PD Society (Singapore) • Other attachments at the specific request of the fellow, will be incorporated where possible.

Represented subspecialties:

Psychology - 2
Neuroimaging - 6
Neurosurgery - 2
Neurology - 20
Neuroscience - 6
Nursing - 5
Nutrition/Dietetics - 4
Physical Therapy - 5
Social Work - 4
Speech/Swallowing Therapy - 4

Contact information:

Contact name: - Dr Louis Tan
Contact email: -
Program website: -

Additional comments:

Dr Louis Tan heads the program at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital campus with Drs Au Wing Lok and Tay Kay Yaw. Dr Tan Eng King heads the program at the Singapore General Hospital campus with Dr Prakash.