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Country: Taiwan

National Taiwan University Hospital

Fellowship training information:

Has had a movement disorders fellowship training program for 8 years.
Positions available: 1
Length of fellowship: 1 year
Offers specific training in Botulinum Toxin Injections, Electrophysiology in movement disorders, and Deep Brain Stimulation.


Prof Ruey-Meei Wu (Robin Wu) heads the program at the “Centre of Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders” which is certificated as “NPF Center of Excellence ” of Parkinson’s disease in research, care and outreach in the world, and awarded as “The Symbol of National Quality” in the featured specialty section, hospital category by institute for biotechnology & medicine industry in Taiwan.  The  Movement disorder fellowship program at the National Taiwan University Hospital offers a rich clinical and research experience to train specialist who will be effective in improving the quality of care for patients and promote the competitive field of movement disorder basic research. The length of the training program is 1-2 years. The Program Contents include In-ward patient care and out patient clinics of Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders; training of botulinum toxin injection for dystonia; training in DBS surgery on preoperative screening and evaluation, intra-operative mapping, post-operative programming and adjustment of medication; training in neuro-cognitive tests; research on the genetics of Parkinsonism, molecular biology of neuronal death and electrophysiology of DBS by using cellular and animal models.

Represented subspecialities:

Psychology - 5
Psychiatry - 16
Gerontology - 12
Neuroimaging - 6
Neuropharmacology - 2
Neurosurgery - 10
Neurology - 17
Nursing - 16
Nutrition/Dietetics - 10
Physical Therapy - 37
Social Work - 37
Speech/Swallowing Therapy - 11
Pediatric Neurologists - 3
Physician Specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - 13
Occupational Therapeutics - 10

Contact information:

Contact name: Dr Ruey-Meei Wu
Contact email:
Program website:

Additional information:

Applicants must have completed their Neurology training; Additional salary support other than the Training Fellowship is not available.