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Country: Thailand

Chulalongkorn Center of Excellence on Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders

Fellowship training information:

Has had a movement disorders fellowship training program for 4 years.
Positions available: 2
Length of fellowship training: 2 years
Offers specific training in Botulinum Toxin Injections and Deep Brain Stimulation.


The first year of the fellowship is focused on the clinical training in movement disorders with exposure to movement disorders clinic twice a week, botulinum toxin clinic once week and deep brain stimulation surgery once a month. There are also in-patient movement disorders consultations as well as preoperative assessment for DBS. Regular movement disorders conference is conducted once a week to include various activities, such video conference, journal club or topic reviews. The fellow is required to conduct research in accordance of the MSc degree of the university which can be either clinical or basic science research. During the second year, the fellow will have more dedicated time to continue his/her research and an elective time for movement disorders at another institution abroad. Our center's staff includes two full time movement disorder neurologists, two part-time movement disorder neurologists, four movement disorders nurses, one movement disorder physical therapist and one scientist. Our gait laboratory is equipped with GAITRite and posturography. We are also in a process of developing an electrophysiologic laboratory to study tremor and myoclonus.

Represented subspecialties:

Psychology - 1
Psychiatry - 5
Gerontology - 1
Neuroimaging - 2
Neuropharmacology - 1
Neurosurgery - 9
Neurology - 9
Neuroscience - 3
Nursing - 20
Nutrition/Dietetics - 3
Physical Therapy - 10
Social Work - 5
Speech/Swallowing Therapy - 2
Supported Scientist - 1

Contact information:

Contact name: - Roongroj Bhidayasiri, MD, FRCP.
Contact email: -
Program website: -