European Section

MDS Affiliate Member: Czech Movement Disorders Society (Czech MDS)

- Martin Bares, MD, PhD; Chair, Czech Movement Disorders Society; Professor of Neurology, St. Anne’s Hospital School of Medicine, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic

The Czech Movement Disorders Society was founded in 2001, and in 2011 we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Society. Currently, the number of active members in the Czech Movement Disorders Society is 84, with members coming from movement disorders centers and neurology departments, as well as from out-patient departments of neurology. The list of members was updated in 2011, and the processing of membership has been revisited.

In 2011, the Czech Movement Disorders Society, an Affiliate Member of The Movement Disorder Society (MDS), organized several important local and national seminars and symposia to spread the knowledge on this topic. Among these were the dystonia conference in Olomouc, Czech and Slovak National neurological Congress in Brno, and other local meetings. The Czech Movement Disorders Society continued the discussion on a new website for the society, as well as searching for funding resources. The new website is expected to launch in the spring of 2012. The Society also made final steps towards the non-profit foundation for patients with movement disorders. This foundation is anticipated to be active sometime in 2012.

The executive committee (EC) of the Society provided longitudinal expertise for the Czech Neurological Society, health care providers (insurance companies), and other relevant bodies on different topics ranging from the public health care system to the different therapeutics (antiparkinsonian drugs, botulinum toxin, etc.) The EC prepared the concept of centers of spasticity throughout the Czech Republic, and this concept was approved by the Czech Neurological Society. One other important issue covered by EC is continuous awareness about Movement Disorders throughout the neurological community in Czech Republic via different lectures for health-care professionals, as well as for patients.