European Section

Olivier Rascol, Chair
July 2013

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great honor that I assume the role of Chair of the MDS European Section and I greatly look forward to working with all of our members in Europe through 2015 and beyond.

In assuming this role, I would like to thank the previous Chairs Werner Poewe (2011-2013) and Alfredo Berardelli (2009-2011), as well as members of the MDS European Section (MDS-ES) Officers and Executive Committee and the MDS-ES Education Committee. Additionally, I would like to personally welcome the new members of the MDS-ES Officers and Executive Committee (Anette Schrag, Secretary; Pille Taba, Secretary-Elect; Carlo Colosimo, Treasurer-Elect; Joaquim Ferreira, Chair-Elect; Huw Morris, Pablo Mir, Oleg Levin, and Klaus Seppi, Members-at-Large), and thank Murat Emre (Treasurer), Werner Poewe (Past-Chair), Paolo Barone, Christine Klein, Per Odin, and Pierre Pollak (Members-at-Large) for the continuation of their service.

Further, I would like to specify the main objectives of the Section for the next two years:

1. Establish the future collaboration between MDS-ES and the new European Academy of Neurology (EAN) in order to continue the fruitful collaboration that the MDS-ES had for the past decade with the EFNS.

2. Continue to develop innovative MDS-ES educational initiatives in line with the remarkable previous achievements of the Section, now being coordinated by Angelo Antonini, Chair of the MDS-ES Education Committee, in close contact with Joaquim Ferreira, who assumes the role of Chair of the international MDS Education Committee, and who was past-Chair of the MDS-ES Education Committee.

I greatly look forward to working with all of you over the next two years in this very exciting time for the MDS European Section.

Best regards,

Olivier Rascol
Chair, MDS European Section