European Section

European Brain Council: Setting scene for discussion, raising awareness of neuroscience research

EJN is publishing the 2011 version of the Consensus Document on European Brain Research (European Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 33, pp. 768-818, 2011).

The Consensus document on European Brain Research was prepared by the European Brain Council in collaboration with more than 200 European scientists and patients organizations. It contains proposals for future research programs and describes the needs and achievements of research in Europe.

The document highlights the need for strong basic research in neuroscience and the development of a strong European platform for brain research. This is needed to address brain diseases, which today represents a societal emergency in European countries. The present document represents an update to the 2006 Consensus document, reflecting changes in research priorities and advances in brain research that have taken place since that time.

Multinational and multidisciplinary teams have once again come together to express their views, not only on what needs to be done, but also on the current strengths in European research. It is hoped that once again the Consensus document can inspire policymakers and stakeholders in directing funding for research in Europe.