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2011 summer school

4th Annual European Summer School for Young Neurologists


NaplesThe MDS Summer School 2011 was held in Naples from 1st-3rd July, 2011. The principal location for the scientific program was the Hermitage Clinic in Via Cupa delle Tozzole, Capodimonte while two hotel locations were chosen to accommodate the participants; Hotel San Francesco, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, for the participant delegates and Hotel Parker's, Corso Vittorio Emanuele for the accommodation of the faculty. The latter hotel was also the venue for the video dinner of the evening of Saturday 2nd July.

43 student delegates from European and non- European countries attended the Summer school; the program was directed by Paolo Barone (Naples, Italy), Alfredo Berardelli (Rome, Italy) and Werner Poewe (Innsbruck, Austria). A further 12 faculty Professors agreed to participate; Angelo Antonini (Milan, Italy), Kailash Bhatia (London, UK), Bastiaan Bloem (Nijmegen, Netherlands), David Brooks (London, UK), Giuseppe De Michele (Naples Italy), Joaquim Ferreira (Lisbon, Portugal), Alessandro Filla (Naples, Italy), Wolfgang Oertel (Marburg, Germany), Niall Quinn (London, UK), Evzen Růzička (Prague, Czech Republic), Jens Volkmann (Würzburg, Germany), Gregor Wenning (Innsbruck, Austria). Prof. Wolfgang Oertel was unable to attend for personal reasons.

On-site assistance, patient clinical case-study information, translation and interpreting was provided by the fellows of the Department of Neurology, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II.

The patients for the case studies were selected from the clinics of Prof. Paolo Barone in collaboration with Prof. Alessandro Filla and Prof. Giuseppe De Michele. The above- mentioned fellows contributed with the preparation of clinical records and the preparation of the examination sessions with power- point presentations.

On day 1, thirteen patients were presented, two during the plenary lecture session in the morning and eleven in the afternoon "break out" session.

On day 2, the delegates and faculty had access to nine different patients.

The three-day program ran according to previous summer schools. Two novelties were introduced with respect to previous years:

  1. During the "break out" patient examination sessions, in order to allow the delegates to benefit from the medical expertise of as many faculty as possible while also allowing the faculty to see various cases, a system of rotation from one patient to another was organized, both of the faculty and likewise of the delegates.
  2. The work program was divided over days 1 and 2. The first day focused on hypo-kinetic disturbances and the second day, on hyperkinetic disturbances, both in the morning plenary lecture sessions and in the afternoon patient examination sessions.

The Summer School was concluded with a video dinner on the evening of 2nd July at Hotel Parker's, where 9 faculty members presented their cases with a selection of videos, during dinner with the delegates; the session lasting from 8.30pm to 11.15. In the last day the two best video cases presented by the students were awarded.

The Summer School was another great success for MDS-ES, enjoyed by students and faculty alike.

Paolo Barone (Naples, Italy)
2011 Program Director

Alfredo Berardelli (Milan, Italy)
2011 Program Director


The 2011 MDS-ES Summer School for Young Neurologists was supported in part by educational grants from the following companies:

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Gold Sponsor (€ 10,000)

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