European Section
2nd Annual European Winter School for Young Neurologists

Winter School in Estonia Offers a 'Hot' Education

Contributed by Yury Seliverstov, MD
Moscow (Russia)

Despite the arrival of March, it was still winter in the streets of Tartu ... a true Winter School.

Tartu welcomed young neurologists from different European countries and also from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Tunisia. Even though there were only three days to cover the course program, each day was quite eventful. The format of this Winter School included not only lectures by distinguished professors from different European universities, but also seeing patients with various types of movement disorders with the possibility of assessing them, defining main clinical features, and proposing a probable diagnosis. That aspect was particularly important in terms of getting clinical experience directly from our course tutors. During the lectures, we also learned some neuroimaging aspects of movement disorders.

What is also significant is that we watched a good number of video case presentations made by both lecturers and Winter School participants. Most of the video cases were presented during a “video dinner.” Thanks to that, we’ve learned clinical features of various movement disorders, e.g. in patients with various toxic conditions, hereditary, and neurodegenerative diseases. That multimodel approach to the educational process thereby allowed us to become much more familiar with the nuances of various movement disorders. It was extremely helpful for the study process, which was accompanied by a warm and cheerful dinner at the end of each day.

There is no doubt that those three days were crucial in terms of upgrading our knowledge on movement disorders and improving quality of our professional work. On behalf of the students, I would like to really thank our dear faculty, and in particular professors Pille Taba, Joaquim Ferreira, and Marie Vidailhet, for hosting and organizing such a fruitful and exciting MDS Winter School for young neurologists this year!