Pan American Section

Chairman's Letter

Jorge L. Juncos

Jorge L. Juncos,

PAS to promote education, better representation of members in the region

Dear Colleagues,

The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society's Pan American Section (MDS-PAS) was created in 2009 following a mandate of the MDS International leadership. The Section has been modeled after the existing European and Asian-Oceanian Sections of MDS, the goals of which are: a) to promote education in the field of Movement Disorders and b) to provide a broader, more effective representation of members by region.

The regions represented in PAS are North America, and the countries of Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The initial emphasis of PAS-linked educational initiatives will be directed towards Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

The educational opportunities in the United States and Canada have been broad based and adequate compared to other regions. Our ultimate goal is to create more balance by region without diminishing the accomplishment of regions that already have ample educational opportunities.

Membership in MDS-PAS is open to all members of MDS within these regions. All those with an interest in the field of Movement Disorders who live within the region are strongly encouraged to join the Society and thereby participate in the development of this important MDS opportunity.

Since the initial PAS General Assembly meeting in June 2009, we have set up the overall framework of the Section. Bylaws, policies and standard operating procedures for the Section have been drafted based on those approved by the other MDS sections. In early 2010, MDS leadership and the Section officially formed a PAS Organizing Committee. To achieve broad representation, the Organizing Committee is comprised of 20 neurologists from many of the countries within the Section. The PAS Education Committee is headed by Irene Litvan. After meeting via teleconference for a year, the first official meeting of the Section took place during The Movement Disorder Society’s 14th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One of the goals of the Organizing Committee is to pave the way for a the general democratic election of a permanent PAS Executive Committee that will then officially vote on the above bylaws and continue the educational and other missions launched by the Organizing Committee. One of these missions is the creation of a MDS-PAS website within MDS that will serve as a communication forum for education and collaborations across the vast expanse of our region.

The first priority of the MDS-PAS is to identify the educational opportunities and needs by region, and to use this informed platform to begin the process of coordinating regional and international resources to advance educational needs of the Movement Disorders and medical communities in Latin America. Ultimately we would we would like to build bridges across all regions represented in PAS.


Jorge L. Juncos
Chair, MDS-PAS Organizing Committee