Regional Sections

Introduction to the Study, Identification and Management of Movement Disorders

Buenos Aires, Argentina
August 29-31, 2012

Visiting Professors: Anthony Lang, Irene Litvan
Host: Emilia Gatto, FUNDACION INEBA

Photo from the courseDr. Emilia Gatto and the Pan-American Section of MDS organized the course Introducción al estudio, identificación y manejo de los movimientos anormales which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 29-31, 2012.

The program focused on training young neurologists and neurologists from different parts of Argentina, Chile and Peru in fundamental movement disorders education under the leadership of MDS Visiting Professors Dr. Irene Litvan and  Dr. Anthony Lang, who gave lectures and conducted the video sessions along with Argentinean Movement Disorders specialists: Prof. Dr. Oscar Gershanik, Dr. Tomoko Arakaki, Dr. Nélida Garreto, Dr. Cecilia Peralta, Dr. Diego Bauso, Dr. Diana Simonetti, Dr. Javier Ziliani, Dr. Manuel Rodríguez, Dr. Jose Bueri, Dr. Gonzalo Gómez Arévalo, Dr Silvia García, Dr. Marcelo Merello, Dr. Anabel Chade, and Dr. Gabriel Napoli.

The program was attended by 90 participants who, in a post program evaluation, expressed their satisfaction with the course content and the speakers qualifying the general content as excellent in 62% of questionnaires and that they would recommend the course in 96% of cases. The majority of them also agreed that they hope the course will take place next year with more topics and a longer duration.

The organizers Dr. Emilia Gatto, Dr. José Etcheverry, Dr. Ana Sanguinetti, Dr. Gabriel Persi, Dr. Virginia Parisi and the INEBA Foundation would like to thank the Society and the Visiting Professors for their support in organizing this course.