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MDS-PAS Visiting Professor Program

Course Report: Biomarkers in Parkinson´s disease: Focus on Neuroimaging and PET studies

September 2013

Presenter: Dr. Cecilia Peralta, MD, Hospital Universitario CEMIC, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Visiting Professor: Antonio Strafella, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Invited Professor: Francisco Cardoso, University of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Faculty left to right: Dr Federico Quaglia, Head of Psychogeriatry, Dr. Cristian Lopez Saubidet, Head of Internal Medicine, Prof. Fernando Taragano, Head of Cognitive Neurology, Dr. Cecilia Peralta, Head of Movement Disorders Clinic, Dr. Antonio Strafella, MDS Visiting Professor, Dr. Francisco Cardoso, MDS Secretary and MDS-PAS Chair-Elect, Dr. Maria Bastianello, Head of Nuclear Medicine, Dr. Alberto Rivero, Head of Neurology.



On April 10-12, 2013, the Argentine Neurological Society hosted the course, "Biomarkers in Parkinson's disease: Focus on Neuroimaging and PET Studies. We gathered neurologists, psychiatrists, nuclear medicine and internal medicine doctors inside the Centro de Educación Médica e Investigaciones Clínicas (CEMIC) auditorium for the two-day course.

The 133 registrants were introduced to the potential of imaging dopaminergic function with positron emission tomography (PET) and other neuroimaging techniques in neurological practice.

Dr. Antonio Strafella from the University of Toronto, (ON) Canada, served as a visiting professor through the support of the Movement Disorder Society-Pan American Section (MDS-PAS) Visiting Professors Program. Dr. Strafella lectured on the new biomarkers in PD, when to order a PET study using different dopaminergic radiotracers, and how to image the non-motor symptoms in PD.

In addition, presentations were made by Dr. Oscar Gershanik on new concepts in PD, followed by Dr. Francisco Cardoso's balanced view on the uses and limitations of these new imaging techniques, Dr. Emilia Gatto's presentation on atypical parkinsonisms and Dr. Marcello Merello's talk on the use of functional imaging in deep brain stimulation in PD.

The local faculty included: Federico Micheli, Rolando Giannaula, Jose Bueri, Tomoko Arakaki, Anabel Chade, Diego Bauso, Diana Simonetti, Maria Bastianello, Guillermo Casale, Fernando Taragano, Federico Quaglia, Cecilia Serrano, Diego Castro, Gonzalo Gomez Arevalo, Juan Carlos Gallo and Santiago Driollet Laspiur. They also gave excellent lectures and actively participated in discussions with the audience.

The attendees expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the scientific program and the organization of the course. CEMIC and the organizers, Dr. Peralta and Dr. Bastianello, would like to thank MDS and Dr. Strafella for their support in the organization of the course.