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China: June 6-8, 2006

Visiting Professor Program - ChinaChina
June 6-8, 2006

Visiting Professor: Lin Zhang, MD, PhD

Host: Youlin Qiao, MD, PhD

The Dalian Medical University enthusiastically welcomed Dr. Lin Zhang as a Visiting Professor to China. On the first day of his visit, Dr. Zhang was invited to tour the University Hospital, as well as enjoy dinner with the President of the University and the Chair of the Department of Neurology. During Dr. Zhang’s three-day visit, he delivered numerous lectures and conducted seminars, which were attended by physicians, medical students and residents. As an engaging and interactive lecturer, Dr. Zhang periodically requested volunteer assistance in demonstrating various diagnostic techniques, which the attendees put into immediate use. On his final day as Visiting Professor, Dr. Zhang was able to observe three patients in an outpatient clinic, as well as one inpatient with a group of medical students and several physicians as an audience. The Visiting Professor concluded his visit with a seminar on the usefulness of the UPDRS, indications of DBS surgery treating Parkinson’s disease, and the selection of various classes of PD medications. The seminar was then followed by a question-and-answer session. Both Dr. Zhang and the Dalian Medical University unanimously felt that the program was a hugely successful venture.

Begun in 2003, The Movement Disorder Society's Education Committee has implemented Visiting Professorships in various global locations. These programs were welcomed with great enthusiasm and demonstrated the Society's continuous effort to reach out to the international community of Movement Disorder specialists.

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