Regional Sections Course Reports

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The 6th Annual Academic and Scientific Meeting of the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 16-18 November, 2012. The meeting was attended by around 140 registrants and faculty, including local consultant neurologists and neurophysiologists, general physicians, and trainees in neurology, paediatric neurology, clinical neurophysiology and general medicine.  Attendees were predominantly from Sri Lanka but also included registrants and faculty from India, Pakistan, Japan, Australia, the USA and United Kingdom.

The program featured local and international faculty including world-renowned experts in  multiple sclerosis and demyelination, motor neuron disease, epilepsy, and neurogenetics. The movement disorders faculty was represented by Professor Lesley Findley and Dr William Gibb from the United Kingdom, Dr Yasayaki Okuma from Japan, Dr Louis Tan from Singapore and myself from Australia, supported by the MDS Ambassador Program. Topics covered included Parkinson's disease, atypical parkinsonism, tremor, and paroxysmal movement disorders as well as an interactive video session with cases shown by faculty and discussed with audience participation.

Sri Lankahas around 40 consultant neurologists, all practicing in general neurology but a few with an interest in Parkinson's disease and movement disorders. The ability to participate in this meeting enhanced movement disorders education in Sri Lanka and reinforced the commitment that the Movement Disorders Society has to promoting knowledge and care of patients with movement disorders in developing countries, building on the success of the MDS Basic Movement Disorders Course which was supported by the MDS Visiting Professor Program in 2011, allowing Prof Lim Shen Yang from Malaysia and A/Prof David Williams from Australia to attend. As a consequence, most of the Sri Lankan neurologists are waived dues members of the MDS.

Contributed by Victor Fung, MBBS, PhD, FRACP
March 2013