Regional Sections Course Reports

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Society of Bangladesh Neurologists Bi-Annual International Neurology Conference
Dhaka, Bangladesh
December 3-4, 2010

Prof. Heinz ReichmanParticipants in the sessionProf. Mohit Bhatt

Photos: (Left to right): Prof. Heinz Reichman (Speaker), Participants in the session, Prof. Mohit Bhatt (Speaker)

The Society of Neurologists of Bangladesh organizes International Neurology Seminar biannually. This year it was held at the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka on 3-4 December. the first day of the seminar was on Movement Disorders. International speakers and experts were invited to speak on different topics on Movement Disorders. This year Dystonias and its management were highlighted and discussed. Professor Heinz Reichmann from Germany and Professor Mohit Bhatt from India were the two international speakers. They were sponsored by The Movement Disorder Society - Asian & Oceanian Section (MDS-AOS) under the Ambassador program.

Professor Heinz Reichman spoke on the diagnosis and management of Dystonia and Professor Mohit Bhatt's topic was Phenomenology of Dystonia and Secondary Dystonias. Both the lectures were very informative. The session was interactive and the video clips shown by the speakers were well appreciated. The knowledge of the participants was enriched through the discussion on the topics. The seminar was well attended with 150 participants, consisting mainly of neurologists and residents in neurology.

We are thankful to the MDS-AOS especially to the chair Prof. Bhim Singhal and to Ms Catherine Breckenridge for their support.

Contributed by N.B. Bhowmik, MBBS, MD
December 2010