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India: November 23-24, 2007

Visiting Professor Program - IndiaIndia
November 23-24, 2007

Visiting Professors:
Kapil Sethi, MD, FRCP
Eduardo Tolosa, MD

Prof. Meena Gupta, Director, IHBAS
Dr. Kiran Bala, Organising Secretary
Prof. Madhuri Behari, Chairperson Scientific Committee

Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences, Delhi, India
The visiting professors of the program were:
Dr. Kapil D. Sethi, Professor of Neurology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia
Prof. E. Tolosa, Professor of Neurology, Barcelona, Spain.

The program included 6 sessions spread over 2 days:

Day 1

  • An overview of Movement Disorders
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Interesting cases of Parkinson's Disease

Day 2

  • Video sessions on interesting cases of Dystonias, Parkinson's Disease, RLS and other Movement Disorders
  • Psychogenic Movement Disorders
  • Update on Tourette Syndrome
  • Latrogenic Movement Disorders
  • Skills Workshops on use of Botulinum Toxin in Focal Dystonias

The delegates appreciated the knowledge and skills of both the experts and it was an educational program in a real sense for all the delegates. The collection of video clippings were marvelous. The approach to patients with Parkinson's disease at various stages as discussed by the experts on patients during Session-III was informative as well as educational. There was an active discussion by the local faculty as well as delegates. The clarity of eliciting various bedside signs was appreciated by the PG students.

Since ours is a Neuropsychiatry Institute, the session on Psychogenic Movement Disorders was of special interest for PG students as well as faculty. Interesting videos and cases that were presented attracted active participation of the delegates.

Hands-on workshops on Botulinum Toxin in Focal Dystonia were of great help for many young neurologists interested in the same. They were given hands-on training by local faculty, Prof. Meena Gupta and Prof. Madhuri Behari.

The program was attended by 178 delegates from all over India. The delegates included neurophysicians, general physicians interested in neurological disorders, trainees in neurology, psychiatry and rehabilitation services. The program was awarded 11 hours of CME accreditation by Delhi Medical Council.