Regional Sections Course Reports

Mendoza, Argentina

Since 2010, the Parkinson and Movement Disorders Program of Hospital de Clínicas José de San Martín, depending on the University of Buenos Aires, has been seeking to foster the knowledge about prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and new therapeutic perspectives of movement disorders in regions of the country (Argentina) where the development of this specialty is currently scarce. This initiative to promote the training of human resources in this sub-specialty was started with a successful experience in the province of Santiago del Estero in 2011. 

Mendoza was the chosen venue for the II International Symposium on Movement Disorders, which took place October 11-13, 2012. It was sponsored by the Ambassador Program of the Pan-American Section of The Movement Disorder Society. The MDS Ambassadors were Dr. Peter A. LeWitt and Dr. María del Rosario Luquín. The pair conducted conferences for a large number of neurologists and neurosurgeons (150) about Biomarkers in Parkinson’s Disease and New Perspectives of Cell and Gene Therapy for PD, respectively.

Photo: Dr. Micheli with the entire academic body.

The academic body in charge of giving this symposium was made up by 50 renowned neurology and neurosurgery professors from Latin America, Europe and the United States, outstanding among which are:

ARGENTINA - Dr. María Alejandra Carrasco, Dr. Cristina Pecci, Dr. Jorge Bajuk, Dr.Liliana Barg,
Dr. María Elena Giuntini, Dr.Leticia López, Dr. Adriana Ziliotto, Dr. Guillermo Zeppa, Dr. Jorge Mandolesi,
Dr. Rolando Giannaula, Dra. Graciela Cersósimo, Dr. Fabián Cremaschi, Dr. Roberto Iérmoli, Dr. Claudia
Uribe Roca, Dr. Gabriela B. Rayna, Dr. Diana Muzio, Dr. Alejandro Pellene, Dr. Juan Carlos Giugni, Dr.
Cristian Calandra, Dr. Ricardo Maiola, Dr. Mariana Moreno, Dr. Daniela Calvo, Dr. Eugenia Randich Montaldi,
Dr. Sebastián Casas, Dr. Sebastián Rauek, Dr. Claudia Perandones and Dr. Federico Micheli

BRAZIL - Dr. Denise Hack Nicaretta, Dr. Vanderci Borges, Dr. Ana Rosso,
Dr. Mauro Gómez de Araujo
CHILE - Dr. Carlos Juri
FRANCE - Prof. Dr. Frederic Sedel
GERMANY - Prof. Dr. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer
ITALY - Prof. Dr. Lucrecia Vega Gramunt
MEXICO - Dr. Carlos Zuñiga Ramírez, Dr. José Damián Carrillo Ruiz
PARAGUAY - Dr. José Cortti
PERU - Dr. Luis Torres, Dr. Pilar Mazetti, Dr. Miriam Velez, Dr.Nicanor Mori
SPAIN - Prof. Dr. María Trinidad Herrero Ezquerro, Prof. Dr. María del Rosario Luquín
UK - Charles Sabine
URUGUAY - Dr. Elena Dieguez
USA - Dr. Peter A. LeWitt, Dr. Ignacio Fernández Mata, Dr. Cristina Sampaio, Dr. Ignacio Muñoz-SanJuan, Dr. María Beconi.
VENEZUELA - Dr. Ernesto Solís Añez

The topics discussed during the symposium included a complete, thorough description of diagnostic criteria and therapy updates for all pathologies related to movement disorders, such as: Parkinson’s Disease, Parkinsonisms, primary and secondary dystonias, tics, myoclonus, drug-induced movement disorders, psychogenic movement disorders, choreas, movement disorders secondary to metabolic diseases, etc. The development of the symposium included keynote lectures and also workshops with an active participation by both professionals and patients, such as: - Workshop: “Using Botulinum Toxin in the Treatment of Movement Disorders,” with the participation of Prof. Ana Rosso and Prof. Mauro Gómez de Araujo, both from Brazil. - Workshop on Quality of Life with Parkinson’s Disease, Co-chaired by Dr. María Alejandra Carrasco and Dr. Cristina Pecci with the participation of Prof. Lucrecia Vega Gramunt (Italy). - Workshop on Neurosurgery and Neuromodulation in Movement Disorders, with the outstanding participation of Prof. José Damián Carrillo-Ruiz (Mexico).

Photo: Participants in the Science Dissemination

Also, a large number of activities took place in connection to Huntington’s Disease, which included: A Huntington’s Disease Module, comprising sessions devoted to ENROLL HD with conferences given by Prof. Dr. Cristina Sampaio and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Landwehrmeyer, and conferences about new therapeutic perspectives, given by Prof. Dr. María Beconi and Prof. Dr. Ignacio Muñoz SanJuan. There was also a Meeting of Families with Huntington’s Disease in Latin America, with the participation of representatives of Associations of Families from Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.

On October 10, before the symposium started, a course was given to train young professionals in the area of Movement Disorders in the Mendoza University Hospital, as well as a Science Dissemination Workshop. It was aimed at creating awareness about the relevance of correctly using resources in the Health area, specifically in the problem area of movement disorders. It was attended by representatives from prestigious local, national and international media, among them Prof. Dr. María Trinidad Herrero Ezquerro (Spain) and NBC’s correspondent and producer Charles Sabine (UK).

“We have achieved our goals and will continue to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by movement disorders in Latin America,” declared Prof. Dr. Federico Micheli, president of the meeting, in his closing speech.

Contributed by Federico Micheli, MD
October 2012