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Thailand: March 27-28, 2009

March 27-28, 2009

Bankok, ThailandMDS Visiting Professorship Lecture Program
in Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

Chulalongkorn Comprehensive Movement Disorder Center together with Thai Parkinson's Disease Society held the MDS Visiting Professor Program (VPP) in the treatment of Parkinson's disease (PD) on the 27-28th March 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The objectives of the course were to: 1) Discuss the roles of pathogenesis of PD; 2) List and discuss different therapeutic options in PD as well as its management at various stages of severity; 3) Address specific management of motor and nonmotor manifestations of PD; 4) Recognize various movement disorders through interactive video session.

The course, directed by Roongroj Bhidayasiri, MD., FRCP (Chulalongkorn Comprehensive Movement Disorder Center) had the following faculty: Stanley Fahn (Neurological Institute, Columbia University, New York), Jeff Bronstein (UCLA, Los Angeles), and a number of local faculty. We are very grateful to the MDS educational committee for their generous support of this VPP. In addition to a number of lectures, there were also interactive video sessions presented by residents in which Profs. Fahn and Bronstein have awarded the gold, silver, and bronze medals to the top three interesting cases.


Beijing Faculty

Program Faculty: Drs. Zhen-Xin Zhang, Stanley Fahn, and Louis Tan