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One of the popular and informative features of the recent international and regional meetings of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society is the presentation by video of particularly challenging examples of the manifestations of neurological disorders. The diagnostic acumen of the participants is competitively assessed and special recognition is given to those who demonstrate the most outstanding ability to accurately describe the significance of the presenting symptomatology.

While the competition adds some zest to the Video Tournament, our experience has been that this is both an interesting and effective mode for improving the diagnostic skills of both the participants and the cheering crowd.

The Video Games/Tournaments continue to evolve as we experience the strengths and weaknesses of various aspects of this part of our programs at our meetings. Therefore, the AOPMC Scientific Program Committee has “tweaked” the rules of the Video Tournament to include the following:

  • Participants will be limited to trainees or junior faculty who are not older than 35 years and within 3 years of a movement disorders consultant appointment
  • Each AOS country can appoint a maximum of 3 participants for this competition
  • Names of the team members, together with their positions and ages, should be submitted to the Video Tournament Committee by September 1, 2014
  • The Video Tournament Committee (VTC) will randomly form teams for the competition by selecting one person from each country to form multi-country teams of 4-5
  • The VTC will develop the final list of questions to be asked in the tournament. After the completion of the discussion on each question an expert panel will highlight the significant issues and teaching points
  • The winners of the tournament will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and an MDS Certificate
  • All competitors will receive a certificate of participation

For additional information about the Video Tournament please contact