MDS-ES Call for Hosts - School for Young Neurologists (2020-2022)

Call for Hosts: MDS-ES School for Young Neurologists 2020-2022

*Application Process Now Closed

The Schools for Young Neurologists have been an essential program in the MDS-European Section educational portfolio since 2008. Serving as host for an MDS-ES School for Young Neurologists is a prestigious honor, and we invite you to apply to serve the Society through this unique opportunity for training the next generation of Movement Disorder specialists.

MDS- ES presents two annual schools for young neurologists, a Winter School typically held in February, and a Summer School, typically held in July. Due to the highly interactive nature of the School programs, a number of important criteria need to be met by potential host centers. Schools for Young Neurologists are three days in duration and include lectures, clinical examination rounds, and video presentations. Evening events are held on the first two evenings – an educational video dinner and a social dinner.

Application Instructions

If you are interested in applying to be a host for a school for young neurologists at a later date, please submit application to the MDS- European Section Regional Program Manager, Heather Vitale at

The application requests a description of your institution’s ability to meet each of the following Host Requirements as described below:

Host Requirements

1. The host institution must be able to provide the following meeting space:

  • One (1) lecture theater/classroom for 75 people for three consecutive days – with audiovisual equipment for lectures (projector, screen, and sound amplification).
  • Six (6) to twelve (12) examination rooms in close proximity to each other, to accommodate the easy rotation of 12 groups of 4 students between cases for two afternoons
  • Ten (10) to twelve (12) rooms for small group (4 -5 people) student video presentations. These rooms should be equipped with a computer (desktop or laptop) with a USB drive and speakers.
  • Function space outside lecture hall to hold catered tea/coffee and lunch breaks for up to 75 people (faculty, students, staff).  
  • Optional: space near the patient examination rooms for a patient and caregiver lounge during patient rounds.
  • Rental for the space should be offered complimentarily or at a discount. (Please describe anticipated fees associated with rental of the lecture hall and clinical examination space).

2. The institution should be able to recruit a wide range of patients with different Movement Disorders to participate in the examinations.

3. Local faculty to serve as lecturers and leaders of clinical examination rounds and student video cases. Total school faculty should be 12 – 14 (including course directors) with one third to one half coming from the host city.

4. Course venue should have easy access to an international airport. Describe the average time it takes to get from the closest international airport to the course venue.  Please indicate the approximate cost for a taxi to the city center.

5. The host city should have ample reasonably priced hotel accommodation (maximum $150 USD/€135 EUR per night) available for students, in reasonable proximity to the host institution.

6. Schools include two evening events: an educational video dinner and a social dinner. Recommendations for reasonably priced dinner venues (maximum $75 USD/€65 EUR per person) should be included.  


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