Task Force on MSA Criteria Revision




Gregor Wenning, Chair

Horacio Kaufmann, Chair



MDS Staff Liaison: Amber Flatland

Task Force Purpose
Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is diagnosed typically half way through its clinical course according to the widely accepted revised consensus criteria in 2008. A validation exercise of the second consensus criteria showed a sensitivity for MSA diagnosis of 41% for possible and 18% for probable at first neurological visit, whereas at last visit these figures were 92% and 63% respectively.

With an anticipated emergence of novel disease modifying treatments, it is important to increase the specificity and overcome the poor sensitivity of the existing criteria in early stages. Therefore revisiting the current set of diagnostic criteria for MSA becomes a research priority.

The MSA Criteria Revision Task Force will aim to achieve a revision of the second consensus criteria for the diagnosis of MSA.

Task Force Members
Anthony Lang
Daniela Berg
Glenda Halliday
Jalesh Panicker
Klaus Seppi
Niall Quinn
Peitro Cortelli
Phillip Low
Roy Freeman
Ryuji Sakakibara
Shoji Tsuji
Wassilios Meissner
Werner Poewe   

Non-Voting Members
Alessandra Fanciulli
Florian Krismer
Jose-Alberto Palma
Iva Stankovic
Luca Vignatelli


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