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International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
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Task Force on Postural Abnormalities in Parkinsonism

Chair: Michele Tinazzi Co-Chair: Roongroj Bhidyasiri


MDS Staff Liaison: Annamarie Lofald

Task Force Goals:

  1. To classify PA associated with parkinsonism and identify unmet needs and current knowledge gaps in both research and clinical practice in order to prepare a research agenda
  2. To provide recommendations for revising the current terminology for PA in parkinsonism to resolve or minimize problems that are sources of confusion, perpetuate misinformation, and create heterogeneity in the enrolment criteria of studies in the field
  3. To define criteria for the diagnosis of upper and lower camptocormia (CC), antecollis (AC), Pisa syndrome (PS), and for all PA on the coronal and sagittal plane which are below the cut-off of CC, AC, and PS, in order to distinguish them from physiological postures
  4. To identify the best tools to measure PA in parkinsonism during both static and dynamic tasks
  5. To better understand the pathophysiology of PA associated with parkinsonism
  6. To define algorithms for PA assessment for research purposes and provide a practical guide for diagnosis and assessment of PA in clinical practice

Senior Members:

Carlo Alberto Artusi
Bas Bloem
Tamine Capato
Ruth Djaldetti
Karen Doherty
Alfonso Fasano
Tibar Houyam
Leonardo Lopiano
Nils Margraf
Marcelo Merello
Caroline Moreau
Yoshikazu Ugawa

Young Members:

Mohammad Al-Wardat
Camila Aquino
Marian Dale
Divyani Garg
Christian Geroin
Yijie Lai
Valery Tsinda Labou
Jorik Nonnekes
Mehri Salari
Darbe Schlosser

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Predictors and Pathophysiology of Axial Postural Abnormalities in Parkinsonism: A Scoping Review

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  • Postural Abnormalities in Parkinsonism

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