Contributed by Mariella Graziano, BSc (Hons), Physiotherapist - Luxembourg
Health Professionals Special Interest Group Webpage Editor


Mariella Graziano


The Aim of the Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Website Editorial Group is to showcase the Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Special Interest Group (HP SIG) activities through the webpage and social media (Facebook, Twitter), and to integrate and work within MDS.

Since the launch of the new MDS website last year, the objectives of the HP SIG webpage editorial group have been to identify:

1. What to communicate to the public;
2. How to communicate, within the group, the MDS society and the world;
3. How to attract new HP members to the MDS society and to the HP SIG; and
4. How to maintain members’ interest to encourage membership renewal.



Discussions amongst the HP SIG editorial members, leadership and secretaries, were carried out via skype, email and teleconferences. It was agreed to use…Read the full report



The Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Special Interest Group (HP-SIG) continues to explore ways to further facilitate conversations among health professionals throughout the world. One method to achieving this has been provided through the formation of regional sections of the HP-SIG whom meet quarterly via teleconference.

Updates and highlights from each regional section are typically discussed, as well as, ideas and plans for educational activities, initiatives, and opportunities for networking. Section reports are planned to be posted to the HP-SIG webpage as they become available. Read section highlights currently available.