Nominations Sought for MDS Podcast Editors

The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) seeks nominations for two Co-Editors of the Society's Podcast, to each serve a three (3) year term, beginning in September 2021. These will be new positions for the Society.  

Duties and Responsibilities of MDS Podcast Editors 

The Co-Editors will work with the MDS Communications staff to produce a new podcast at least once a month. Podcast content will be produced based on interviews conducted with authors that have articles published in MDJ and MDCP. The Editors would have the ability to expand this scope to include articles from other publications if the science discussed is relevant to the Society’s membership. The Editors should also keep in mind the annual Society content calendar and work to produce content related to those topics throughout the year. Additionally, the Editors will be asked to take a farther reaching approach to podcasts and work with other MDS groups to incorporate podcasts on different Society issues/projects 

Reporting Structure 

The Co-Editors will have editorial independence in regards to content; however, these positions are responsible for providing bi-annual reports to the MDS Publications and Communications Oversight Committee (PCOC) as well as the MDS Officers. These reports should include both editorial successes and challenges, as well as suggestions for improvement. Additionally, any budgetary requests or new projects would need the review and approval of both the PCOC and the Officers. 

Submission of Nominations 

Interested candidates for this position must be current Members of MDS. 

Nominations for MDS Podcast editor should include a statement of the nominee’s personal details (e.g., name, affiliated institution, address, email, phone/fax etc.), qualifications, relevant experience, and a brief CV (or CVs if co-editors) including experience with respect to editing. Candidates should also submit a strategic vision for the MDS Podcast, specifically addressing the following questions: 

  • What is your vision for the MDS Podcast

  • What content would you like to see changed and/or preserved? 

  • What changes would you make to the format, layout or distribution?  

  • What skills will you bring to the position?  

Nominations must be submitted by April 30, 2021. Final candidates will be selected and notified in May, and interviews will take place in May/June 2021.  

Interested candidates submit their information via the following form:



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