Course Report: DBS for Movement Disorders - Seoul

Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders
March 13-14, 2016 – Seoul, Korea


Contributed by Prof. Beom Jeon, MD, PhD
Department of Neurology
Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul, Korea

April 2015

This course was the first MDS-AOS organized Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders in Korea. It instructed general neurologists and neurosurgeons on how to identify the cause of clinical problems in DBS-treated patients which result from either the underlying disease, inappropriate adjustment of medication and stimulation, or stimulation itself. 

The two-day course consisted of presentations on the first day, followed by a live surgery demonstration on the second day, finishing with additional presentations.  The presentations discussed not only Deep Brain Stimulation, but also the selection criteria for surgery, which is necessary to consult appropriate candidates and to refer these patients to surgical centers.

Forty-three participants attended the event, with the majority of participants coming from Korea and Hong Kong. Prof. Beom S. Jeon and Prof. Sun-Ha Paek served as the Course Directors. International faculty members included: Terry Coyne (Australia), Han Joon Kim (Korea), Kyung-Min Lee (Korea), and Peter Silburn (Australia).

The evaluation results following the course were very positive, with 58% of the participants stating that participation in this activity enhanced their professional effectiveness and 58% stating that the science and medical knowledge advanced by this activity will ultimately enhance care of patients with Movement Disorders.

The course organizers would like to sincerely thank the faculty and support staff for their tremendous effort in making the first MDS-AOS DBS Education Course a success.