Remote Management of Device Aided Therapies in Patients with Movement Disorders

Presented by

Alfonso Fasano, MD, PhD
Maurizio Zibetti, MD, PhD
Regina Katzenschlager, MD
Francesca Morgante, MD, PhD

Course Description

Device aided therapies (Deep Brain Stimulation and infusion therapies) are extensively used worldwide to treat patients with severe symptoms due to Parkinson’s Disease, Dystonia, Essential Tremor and Epilepsy. Development of Telemedicine platforms and possibility of delivering remote programming make these treatments suitable for remote management of clinical effects and troubleshooting. A recent study published in Movement Disorders Journal by Dr. Fasano’s group (Jitkritsadakul et al, Tele-health for patients with deep brain stimulation: The experience of the Ontario Telemedicine Network. Mov Disord, 2018) addresses this topic related to Deep Brain Stimulation. The recent COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need to deliver structured Telemedicine Programs which could be carried on after the end of the pandemic to assist patients: 1) who needs to travel for long distances to reach the hospital; 2) who are unable to come to the hospital due to disease progression; 3) who experience sudden lack of benefit of those therapies and need to have immediate assistance.

This webinar would address on how to:

1) Program remote management of DBS device, using the patient’s remote control

2) Assess and manage patients with Infusion Therapies using a telemedicine platform

3) Deal with DBS and infusion therapies troubleshooting remotely

Target Audience
  • Movement Disorders Neurologists and Specialist Nurses who deals with device aided therapies
  • Young Movement Disorders members who wants to be trained on how to manage device aided therapies
  • General Movement Disorders Neurologists interested in learning about device aided therapies
Learning Objectives
  1. Assess remotely a patient with Tremor, Dystonia, Parkinson’s disease who carries a DBS device
  2. Assess remotely an advanced Parkinson’s disease patient who carries an infusion therapy
  3. Demonstrate programing remotely a DBS device
  4. Demonstrate managing remotely an infusion therapy system
  5. Explain remote DBS and infusion therapy troubleshooting

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