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The MDS Non-Motor Rating Scale (MDS-NMS): A new measure for non-motor Parkinson’s disease

Presented by

K. Ray Chaudhuri, MD, DSc, FRCP
Pablo Martinez-Martin, MD, PhD
Anette Schrag, FRCP, PhD
Daniel Weintraub, MD

Course Description

The MDS-NMS is a state of the art and up to date revision of the Non-Motor Symptoms Scale (NMSS), a widely used scale in the field of Movement Disorders clinical practice and trials since 2007. The MDS-NMS was developed to improve and refine the assessment of non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and more fully cover aspects of non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms which have evolved over the last 10 years. This rater-completed assessment measures frequency and severity of 13 non-motor domains (as opposed to nine domains in the original NMSS), over 52 items and covers a range of key non-motor symptoms both PD and treatment related, and in greater depth, compared with the NMSS. The scale also has a new MDS-NMS Non-Motor Fluctuations (NMF) Subscale to assess changes in non-motor symptoms in relation to the timing of anti-parkinsonian medications across 8 domains.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the new scale, demonstrate how it compares to the original NMSS, and present information that clinicians and clinical trial raters should have to administer and use the instrument.

Target Audience

This course is intended for clinicians that are treating Parkinson’s disease patients, clinical trial representatives and raters from all health care professional backgrounds.

Learning Objectives
  1. Discuss key characteristics of the MDS-NMS including, but not limited to, the domains measured by the MDS-NMS, time to administer and information about the reliability and reproducibility of the scale
  2. Understand the differences between the MDS-NMS and the original NMSS
  3. Understand the populations and disease conditions for which the scale can be used
  4. Understand how to administer and score the MDS-NMS