The Health Professionals (Non-Physician) Special Interest Group (HP-SIG) continues to explore ways to further facilitate conversations among health professionals throughout the world. One method to achieving this has been provided through the formation of regional sections of the HP-SIG whom meet quarterly via teleconference.

Updates and highlights from each regional section are typically discussed, as well as, ideas and plans for educational activities, initiatives, and opportunities for networking. Section reports are planned to be posted to the HP-SIG webpage as they become available.


MDS HP-SIG Asian and Oceanian Section (HP-SIG-AOS)

Read the March Report from the Chair and an Overview from the 4th Asian & Oceania Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress.


Updates and Highlights:

5th Asian and Oceania Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress
March 11-13, 2016 – Manila, Philippines

Parkinson’s Australia National Congress
May 27-29 2015 – Adelaide, Australia

Abstracts have now closed for this Meeting which will be attended by People Living with Parkinson’s, their families and Health care professionals. This meeting will often draw attendance from around Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific countries.


In Search: World Parkinson’s Day scientific symposium and public lectures
Featuring Professor Ted Dawson from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore

On 15th April we will hold a National Scientific symposium which will see a gathering of over 70 Neurologist, Neuroscientists, Allied Health professionals involved in research surrounding Parkinson’s and related movement disorders. They will share ideas and each other’s research and in some cases may form collaborations to further advance research. Read More


Overview of the 4th AOPMC (Thailand) – November 2014

The 4th Asian & Oceanian Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress (AOPMC) was held in Pattaya, Thailand in November 2014. More than 800 people from over 30 countries attended with 250 posters presented during the Congress, 20 of which were presented by allied health and nursing professionals. Read More


MDS HP-SIG Pan-American Section (HP-SIG-PAS)

Pan American Section (HP-SIG-PAS), Health Professionals
Ruth Hagestuen, RN, MA

Message from the Section Chair
The PAS leadership group is comprised of professionals representing a variety of disciplines within the Pan American Regions.  Our communication plan includes quarterly conference calls for exchange of ideas, announcing and planning educational opportunities in the Pan American Section, and discussion of items of broader concern to the MDS HP-SIG at large.  The calls have worked well for us.  We have had a good exchange of ideas on and have been able to benefit from the mutual sharing of information and ideas. 

If you are interested in becoming more involved at a leadership level within the HP-SIG:
Please make your interest known by contacting the MDS Staff Liaison  or HP-SIG Chair.


Updates from the HP-SIG-PAS
The Edmond J Safra Visiting Nurse Faculty (VNF) Program
Under the direction of Gwyn Vernon, MSN, CRNP, this program has been a tremendous success and continuously expands in the United States. The VNF program was developed to train nurse educators in Parkinson’s disease, so that, in turn, they may educate student and clinical nurses. To date: 126 nurse educators, representing 66 Schools of Nursing, have completed this program.  Read the full report

Education in the PAS
The Pan American Section of the MDS SIG, in concert with MDS at large, is prioritizing the development of educational programs for movement disorder professionals of multiple disciplines. Read the full report

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