Movement Disorders Clinical Practice Vol 1 Issue 4

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December 1, 2014
Vol. 1, Issue 4



MD-CP: The First Year Bygone - Editors' Note to the Readership
Kailash Bhatia MD, DM, FRCP and Marcelo Merello MD, PhD


Highlights of the Stockholm Congress: A clinician's perspective
Oscar S. Gershanik MD

The New Classification System for the Dystonias: Why Was It Needed and How Was It Developed?
H.A. Jinnah MD, PhD, and Alberto Albanese MD

How Do I?

How to Examine a Patient with Chorea
Francisco Cardoso, MD, PhD, FAAN
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The Clinical Spectrum of Autosomal-Dominant Episodic Ataxias
Stefan Kipfer MD and Michael Strupp MD, FANA
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Treatment Options in Degenerative Cerebellar Ataxia: A Systematic Review
Harini Sarva MD and Vicki Lynn Shanker MD

Characterizing Premotor Parkinson's Disease: Clinical Features and Objective Markers
Lama M. Chahine MD and Matthew B. Stern MD

Sleep Attacks in Patients With Parkinson's Disease on Dopaminergic Medications: A Systematic Review
Eugene Y.H. Yeung BSc(Pharm), MSc and Andrea E. Cavanna MD, PhD

Review of Severity Rating Scales for Restless Legs Syndrome: Critique and Recommendations
Arthur S. Walters MD, Birgit Frauscher MD, Richard Allen PhD,  Heike Benes MD, K. Ray Chaudhuri MD, Diego Garcia-Borreguero MD, Hochang B. Lee MD, Daniel L. Picchietti MD, Claudia Trenkwalder MD, Pablo Martinez-Martin MD, PhD, Anette Schrag MD and Glenn Stebbins PhD

Research Articles

Do Parkinson's Disease Patients Have Deficits in Sequential Sampling Tasks?
Atbin Djamshidian MD, PhD, Jennifer Mulhall MB, Alessandro Tomassini PhD, Grace Crotty MB, Thomas T. Warner PhD, FRCP, Andrew Lees MD, FRCP, Sean S. O'Sullivan MB, PhD and Bruno B. Averbeck PhD

7-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Brain Iron Quantification in Homozygous and Heterozygous PANK2 Mutation Carriers
Petr Dusek MD, PhD, Elena Maria Tovar Martinez MD, Vince Istvan Madai MD, Robert Jech MD, PhD, Jan Sobesky MD, Friedemann Paul MD, Thoralf Niendorf PhD, Jens Wuerfel MD, and Susanne A. Schneider MD, PhD

Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Deep Brain Stimulation Screening for Parkinson Patients: No Room for “Short Cuts”
Hesham Abboud MD, Raja Mehanna MD, Andre Machado MD, PhD, Anwar Ahmed MD, Michal Gostkowski DO, Scott Cooper MD, PhD, Ilia Itin MD, Patrick Sweeney MD, Mayur Pandya DO, Cynthia Kubu PhD, Darlene Floden PhD, Paul J. Ford PhD and Hubert H. Fernandez MD

Validity and Efficacy of Screening Algorithms for Assessing Deep Brain Stimulation Candidacy in Parkinson Disease
Kelvin L. Chou, MD

Effects of Tyrosine on Parkinson's Disease: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Joanne DiFrancisco-Donoghue PhD, Ely Rabin PhD, Eric M. Lamberg PT, EdD and William G. Werner PT, EdD

Case Series

Stiff Limb Syndrome Mimicking Corticobasal Syndrome
Bettina Balint MD, Neil Mahant MD, Hans-Michael Meinck MD and
Victor Fung MD, PhD

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Resolution of Othello Syndrome After Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation in 3 Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Robert J. Adam MA, MBBS, MRCP, Robert McLeod BHKin, Ainhi D. Ha MBBS, FRACP, James G. Colebatch BSc, MBBS, PhD, DSc, FRACP, Graham Menzies BSc, MClinNeuropsych, Gregory de Moore BSc, MBBS, PhD, FRANZCP, Neil Mahant MBBS, PhD, FRACP, and Victor S.C. Fung MBBS, PhD, FRACP

‘Pseudo-Dominant’ Inheritance in Friedreich's Ataxia: Clinical and Genetic Study of a Brazilian Family
Adriana Moro MD, Alberto R.M. Martinez MD, Simone C.V. Karuta MD, Renato P. Munhoz MD, MSc, Mariana Moscovich MD,    Francisco M.B. Germiniani MD, Walter O. Arruda MD, MSc, Salmo Raskin MD, PhD and Hélio A.G. Teive MD, PhD


Case Reports

Machado-Joseph Disease Progressing to Truncal Dystonia
Luiz Felipe Vasconcellos MSc, MD, José Luiz Pedroso MD, PhD and Orlando G.P. Barsottini MD, PhD

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Delayed Onset of Chorea After Extrapontine Myelinolysis
Rubens Gisbert Cury MD, Vitor M. Caldas MD, Gilmar O. Dornelas Jr. MD and Mônica Santoro Haddad MD

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Slow Mandibulo-Faciolingual Wiggling Tremor Associated with Japanese Encephalitis
Toshiaki Takeuchi MD, Ryosuke Miyamoto MD, Yusuke Osaki MD, Tomohiko Takasaki MD, Nobuaki Yamamoto MD, Kenta Sato MD, Koji Fujita MD, Yuishin Izumi MD and Ryuji Kaji MD

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Unusual Clinical Manifestation Associated with Hypertrophic Olivary Degeneration
Jinane Fattouch MD, PhD, Antonella Conte MD, PhD, Claudio Colonnese MD, Alessandro Bozzao MD, Alfredo Berardelli MD and Giovanni Fabbrini MD

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Remitting Tics and Narcolepsy Overlap Associated with Streptococcal Infection: A Case Report
Simone Baiardi MD, Elena Antelmi MD, Marco Filardi PsyD, Fabio Pizza MD, PhD, Stefano Vandi RPSGT, Pierangelo Veggiotti MD, Rocco Liguori MD, and Giuseppe Plazzi MD, PhD

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Painful Legs and Moving Toes Syndrome: Putative Underlying Pathophysiology as a Hint for Combined Pharmacological Treatment?
Pierluigi Tocco MD, Stefano Tamburin MD, Marco Turatti MD,   Matteo Francesco Lauriola NT and Giampietro Zanette MD

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The Co-Occurrence of Tricho-Rhino-Phalangeal Syndrome and Early-Onset Levodopa-Sensitive Parkinsonism
Franziska Hopfner MD, Almuth Caliebe MD, Günther Deuschl MD and Susanne A. Schneider MD, PhD

Pramipexole-Induced Reversible Heart Failure
Matveï Apraxine, Agnes Pasquet MD, PhD and Anne Jeanjean MD, PhD

Clinical Response to IncobotulinumtoxinA, after Demonstrated Loss of Clinical Response to OnabotulinumtoxinA and RimabotulininumtoxinB in a Patient with Musician's Dystonia
Vesper Fe Marie Llaneza Ramos MD, Barbara I. Karp MD, Codrin Lungu MD, Katharine Alter MD, and Mark Hallett MD

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Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis with a Favorable Prognosis Despite Delayed Treatment Due to Longstanding Psychiatric Symptoms
Seung Woo Kim MD, Hyung Seok Lee MD, Phil Hyu Lee MD, PhD and Sun-Ah Choi MD, PhD

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Clinical Vignettes

Dramatic Improvement of Parkinsonism While Dancing Tango
Sergio Alejandro Rodríguez-Quiroga MD, Roberto Daniel Rey MD, Tomoko Arakaki MD and Nélida Susana Garretto MD

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Argentine Tango for Parkinson's Disease: Much Better Than a Zimmer!
Niall P. Quinn MD

Adult-Onset Dystonic Movement Associated with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: Sandifer Syndrome
Ana Cecilia Sanguinetti MD, José Luis Etcheverry MD and Emilia Mabel Gatto MD

Revealing Images

Botulinum Toxin Injection Unmasking Zenker's Diverticulum
Donna Kurowski MD and Meredith Spindler MD

Letter to the Editor 

Head Accelerometry May be Useful as a Test of Psychogenic Head Tremor
Vesper Fe Marie Llaneza Ramos MD and Mark Hallett, MD


Clinical Practice


Dr. Marcelo MerelloDr. Marcelo Merello, MD, PhD
Western Hemisphere

Prof. Kailash BhatiaProf. Kailash Bhatia, MD, DM, FRCP
Eastern Hemisphere


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